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Another school district joins Musgrove-led MAEP funding lawsuit

Money-Graduation Cap_rgbSUNFLOWER COUNTY — The Sunflower County school district is joining a lawsuit against the state, seeking to recover a shortfall in education funding and bar future underfunding.

There are now 21 plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed by former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.

Sunflower County, created by a merger of the Sunflower County, Indianola and Drew districts, has about $13 million at stake.

The lawsuit seeks to make up budget shortfalls since 2010 because the Legislature hasn’t fully funded the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, a formula designed to give schools enough money to meet midlevel academic standards.

The suit was filed Aug. 28. Because plaintiffs amended the suit, Musgrove spokesman George Shelton says districts have at least 10 more days to join without court permission. Districts not joining wouldn’t receive money if the suit succeeds.

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