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MDOT to install first flashing yellow arrow signal in Vicksburg

VICKSBURG — The Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) is implementing a new traffic signal to provide a safer and more efficient left-turn for motorists.

The new flashing yellow arrow (FYA) left-turn signal will begin replacing the circular green signal for permitted left turns at selected intersections.

The new FYA signal provides a more direct message than the circular green one. A national study demonstrated drivers had fewer crashes when using the FYA left turn signal than with the traditional green left turn signal because some drivers perceive any green signal to mean “go”. One of the key benefits of the FYA signal will be lowering wait times at traffic signals at intersections.

Weather permitting, MDOT will replace signals at the intersection of Highway 61 and Oak Ridge Road in Vicksburg today. Similar to the circular green signal, the FYA signal means left-turns are allowed, but first the driver must yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians before proceeding with caution.

MDOT would like to remind motorists that all oncoming traffic has the right of way. The FYA signal simply allows motorists to turn left when the oncoming traffic is clear.


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