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Natchez Trace Parkway recognizes workers

The Natchez Trace Parkway recognized the contributions of long-time seasonal employees to the operation of the Parkway. Seasonal employees join the National Park Service’s workforce during the busiest time of the year to augment the efforts of permanent employees. Award-winning seasonal employees include: Thomas Miller (six seasons); Christopher Ellington (six seasons); Johnny Fowler (six seasons); James Gloss (six seasons); Amy Williams (six seasons); Emile Davie (eight seasons); Willard Chism (eight seasons); Frank Cooks (nine seasons); Ronald Gray (nine seasons); Tommy Parkerson (nine seasons); Charlie Robinson (nine seasons); Charles Bean (10 seasons); Cornelius Tenner (10 seasons); Commie Carlton (11 seasons); Michael Perkin (11 seasons); Harold Wyatt (12 seasons); Jimmy Johnston (13 seasons); and Cleophus Southward (15 seasons).

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