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Peavey's wellness program honored after workers drop 1,000 pounds

Mary Peavey

Mary Peavey

MERIDIAN — HR Professionals Magazine has named Meridian-based Peavey Electronics a “Mississippi Corporate Role Model” for the company’s health program.

Implemented in 2013, Peavey Wellness is an employee wellness program led by Peavey Corporate Health Director Karin Roberts. The initiative has yielded positive results, as the company as a whole has lost a combined 1,000 pounds since March.

“The whole intention of the corporate wellness program is to empower the employees to take accountability for their own health,” Roberts said.

Peavey Wellness is individually tailored to the needs of Mississippians based on their risk factors, and offers support in topics ranging from nutrition, to exercise, stress management and general morale in the workplace.

Peavey Electronics President Mary Peavey hired Roberts.

“Mary and (her husband and company founder) Hartley Peavey are very progressive-minded, and having their support to begin this program made all the difference. It starts from the top down,” said Roberts.

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  1. I like the way Peavey runs a company. It would be nice to know that as a result, of being proactive, his health insurance carrier has lowered his company’s healthcare premiums.

  2. Amazing results. Employees have respect for the Peavey’s because they have followed their lead. Bet it is a GREAT place to work! Congradulations to all those employees that are finding sucess and to the Peaveys for realizing employees health effects the bottom line also! Good employees I worth investing in and Great employers realize this.

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