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Bioplastics maker opens for business in East Mississippi

MARION, Mississippi — Bioplastics manufacturer ALGIX, LLC officially opened its doors Friday at the company’s SOLAPLAST facility here. The Lauderdale County project represents an $8.5 million corporate investment that economic development officials say will increase to $40 million and will create 100 jobs over the next three years.

ALGIX’s new state-of-the-art facility features compounding equipment that converts algae into bioplastic pellets for injection into molding applications.

ALGIX CEO Mike Van Drunen said the plant offers environmental benefits. “Plastics are a part of our everyday lives, but plastic waste is filling up landfills and polluting our lakes and oceans. As a result, ALGIX is committed to helping users lower their carbon footprint by providing bioplastic solutions utilizing aquatic feedstock,” he said.  “Our new Mississippi facility is in a strategic location for ALGIX as it is in the heart of America’s aquaculture industry and is a key source for our algae feedstock.”

ALGIX is developing sustainable methods and materials based on algae biomass for injection molding applications. Utilizing patent-pending technology, the company converts nutrient-rich wastewater into fast-growing aquatic biomass suitable for conversion into bioplastics.


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