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LTE: With tax cuts, Gov. Bryant dismissive of least of us



Gov. Bryant’s plan to cut taxes is an irresponsible and callous appeal to the worst instincts of Mississippians – personal gain at the expense of the greater good.

Our state rates last or near last in too many categories to list and “extra” money could be used to at least make some attempt to address those serious issues for the benefit of ALL Mississippians and future generations of Mississippians to come.

The extra money could be used to expand Medicaid (bryant has dismissed expanding the program by saying it is too expensive). It could be used to properly fund our schools, improve our deteriorating roads and bridges, fund programs that have a direct impact on improving the lives of our poorest citizens – which either directly or indirectly affects the qualty of life for all of us. BUT EVEN FAILING THAT, if there is “extra” money, you could make a reasonable argument that those surplus funds be returned to the federal government, which props up just about every institution in our state.

Imagine if you borrowed money from a friend, then got a raise and decided to go out and buy a boat rather than paying off that loan. A person who did that would be considered a consummate ass. Is what Bryant proposes any different? Or does Bryant have the same sense of “entitlement” he uses to be dismissive of those poor Mississippians who rely on programs?

A governor who is far more interested in visiting Israel than Itta Bena does NOT represent all of the people of our state. WE SIMPLY CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. Silence is consent. This is an appeal to the conscience of every good and decent Mississippian. Let your voices be heard now and in the months to come. Contact the governor and contact your state legislator (the legislature has consistently supported everything the Gov. has proposed). This truly is a defining moment for our state. It is often difficult to have faith in our state. This is a chance to affirm the inherent goodness of our people. Let’s not fail for a lack of trying.

Slim Smith



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  1. Hear, hear!

  2. Brilliant letter! There is no “extra” money and, if there were, the sales tax on groceries should be the first to be removed. The second best choice would be to raise personal income tax deductions and exemptions to $20,000 for individual filers/$40,000 for joint filers. Bryant really does have his priorities all messed up.

  3. Absolutely right, Slim!

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