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Deerfield Golf Club owners say club on par


Mark Twain is credited with saying that “golf is a good walk spoiled.”

If he were to stroll across the 150 acres that had been Jackson’s Colonial Country Club till it closed last year, the famed author’s musing might not be disrupted, save for navigating the tall weeds that have overtaken the property.

The new owners have in mind a mixed-use project for the land, but no formal plan has been presented.

On the other hand, Twain likely would be escorted off the links —for disrupting play — that Colonial opened in 1980 in Madison County, Colonial Country Club-Deerfield.

Deerfield was saved by a handful of its members who formed a limited liability corporation and bought it. Designed by famed professional golfer Byron Nelson, it is doing nicely, said Leigh Brannan, president of Deerfield Golf Club LLC.

“We’re looking for a big year,” Brannan said in an interview. Membership is above 300. “We’re expecting to have 400 by the end of April,” he said.

“The golf course is in great shape. We’ve spent a lot of money on the clubhouse,” he said, though he would not disclose the overall size of the investment.

However, a complex legal ad nearly seven columns long that was published in the Madison County Herald on Jan. 1 raised some questions about the club, according to Brannan.

Some wondered if it was still deep in the fiscal woods, he said.

Trustmark Bank will hold an auction on the steps of the Madison County Courthouse in Canton starting at 11 a.m. on Jan. 29 on the land described in the ad.

Brannan says that the land is about 50 acres north and east of the golf course divided into 16 residential lots valued at $40,000 each, but that it isn’t part of the course.

He hasn’t ruled out putting in a bid on the property.

Joe Lane, a vice president for Trustmark Bank, confirmed that the auction has “nothing to at all with the golf course.”

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