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ALAN TURNER: Egburt and the ‘Internet of Things’

Ravi Raju

Ravi Raju

In a recent meeting with Ravi Raju, Chief Marketing Officer at Camgian Microsystems out of Starkville, we were introduced to Egburt and the Internet of Things.

Just what IS the Internet of Things? we asked.

“Well, it’s really the next generation of the Internet,” he explained.

He suggested that in certain ways, “the Internet has gone from people sitting at desktops communicating information, to a point where virtually anything can be connected, using internet technology”. This might be true of people, businesses, buildings, and more….all connected through sensors and Internet technology.  Obviously, this type of technology has major implications for businesses who are looking to operate more efficiently, maximize profits, and serve their customers better.  This is where “Egburt” comes into the picture.

“Egburt is a new platform that Camgian has released, which will allow any business to monitor virtually any aspect of their operations,” he explained.


Alan Turner

Alan Turner

This would provide the business with all sorts of connections leading to “actionable intelligence”, including alarms, traffic analysis, and numerous other applications that will permit them to better manage their operations.

Initially, Camgian has rolled out the platform within the retail sector, although Ravi says that the platform has benefits for many different types of business and industries.

“Specifically, we’ve been focused on dollar stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and the like,” he said. “Basically, the small retail format, and we’ve been helping them to save money—and make money—through revenue generation.”

By way of examples, he described the ability to monitor traffic in specific store aisles, and compare that with the number and value of items purchased from that aisle.  Stores can also measure their cooler temperatures, entrances and exits, energy consumption, and many other applications that will enable higher and better operating efficiencies for a business manager.

“This is a cloud based service, so it’s easy to integrate into the IT picture,” he said.

Camgian is working to deliver the technology in a highly cost-efficient manner.

“Some custom-build solutions can cost millions of dollars,” he said.  “Our goal is to make this available to everyone in a cost-effective manner.”

Camgian is rapidly growing to meet the needs it sees in the coming years.  Based in Starkville, the company is planning to open a Jackson office in the second half of this year, and has been aggressively hiring employees in recent months.

“We do foresee a very bright future, both for Camgian, and for Mississippi,” Ravi said.  “We want to be not only a great company, but a great Mississippi company.”  And with Egburt to lead the way, what can stand in their way?

A brief video interview with Ravi Raju can be viewed on the MSBusiness.com website, or on our YouTube channel, mbjournal.  Camgian’s website and more information about Egburt can be viewed at www.Camgian.com.

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