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Statue depicts famous duel that originated 'Bowie knife'

NATCHEZ — A statue depicting a famous duel that resulted in the “Bowie knife” being coined is now on display at the Natchez Visitor Reception Center.

The Natchez Democrat reports that Bowie’s Tavern owner Michael Worley acquired the statue after it was featured in the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock.

The statue, sculpted by Tennessee and Nevada based sculptor Roy W. Butler in 2013, depicts the 1827 fight between Jim Bowie and Maj. Norris Wright.

Despite being shot and stabbed, Bowie was able to drive his knife into Wright’s chest, killing him. Subsequently, the “Bowie knife” was coined.

“The sandbar fight happened right down on the Mississippi side of the river, so it makes sense for it to be here,” said John Holyoak, the manager of the Bowie’s Tavern.

“It’s a great story that visitors are certainly interested in,” said Kathleen Jenkins, superintendent of Natchez National Historic Parks. “And it’s a great piece of art that adds to the experience of visiting Natchez.”


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