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Wicker to vote against attorney general nominee Lynch

Sen. Roger Wicker

Sen. Roger Wicker

JACKSON — Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker says he will vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as the nation’s next attorney general.

Senate Democrats blocked legislation Tuesday to help the victims of human trafficking amid a partisan dispute over abortion that threatens to sink the once-uncontroversial measure.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has put off Lynch’s confirmation vote until the trafficking bill is resolved, provoking howls from Democrats, civil rights leaders and women’s groups over what has become a months-long delay to confirm the nation’s first black female attorney general.

Wicker says in a news release that the White House has politicized the Justice Department with its selective enforcement of the law. He says Lynch would likely continue those policies.

Republican Sen. Thad Cochran has not said how he will vote.


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