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Tronox’s sodium chlorate plant to close Nov. 30

HAMILTON — Tronox is shutting down one of its two northeast Mississippi facilities, a move that will affect about 70 employees.

Tronox says its smaller facility in Hamilton, which makes sodium chlorate, will be shutting down Nov. 30.

Bud Grebey, vice president of corporate affairs and communications for Tronox, says, according to local media reports, there has been a decline in the global demand of the product, which is used as an alternative to chlorine as a whitener for paper and pulp products.

Grebey says the idled workers can apply for 30 jobs being be added at Tronox’s pigment plant, which now employs 425 people and 275 contractors. Others will be given severance, extended benefits and outplacement services.

The sodium chlorate plant was built in 1958.


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