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Madison named best place to live in Mississippi

According to homesnacks.com, Madison is the best place to live in Mississippi. The website also seemed to like town that were a suburb of Jackson, while not necessarily liking Jackson.

Here is some of that the website had to say …

Mississippi is a truly glorious state. A place of historical relevance, high religious identity, deep cultural roots, and perhaps, the most passionate college football fans outside of Alabama.

Just kidding. Mississippi wins that, too.

In all seriousness, if you’re looking for a beautiful place with some of the most polite and friendly people in the country, the Magnolia State would be hard to beat.

So, where are the best places to live there? Instead of asking opinion or putting out polls, we decided the one way to decide it is to look at science and data. And that’s what we did here. That means, no arguing about the results, because they are unbiased.

You can’t argue with science, can you?

After analyzing the 70 most populous cities, we came up with this list as the 10 best places in Mississippi:

You can click here for all of the information.

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