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Mississippi’s Palazzo introduces bill to censure Obama over gun control

According to The Hill, Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) is introducing a bill to censure President Obama for his “unconstitutional executive actions” on guns.

“For seven years, the President has gradually expanded his powers through executive overreach,” Palazzo said in a statement. “His actions this week to take away the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens is just the latest, if not most egregious, violation of the separation of powers found in the United States Constitution.”

“Congress must go on record to stand up as an equal branch of government – both against this President and any future president who attempts to use his authority to write the law instead of enforce the law.”

Obama’s executive actions, which were introduced on Tuesday, aim to reduce gun violence by subjecting more gun sales to background checks and increasing enforcement of existing laws.

While Andrew Jackson was the only president to ever be censured by Congress, censure measures have more recently been introduced during the Clinton and Nixon administrations.

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  1. Excuse me, Mr. Palazzo, but the actions taken by the president do not take away anyone’s second amendment rights. It only expands background checks, so let us just stop with the hysterics and grandstanding on your part.

    The actions taken by the president will likely do little to stop mass shootings, but since congress is unwilling to look for a solution, be it in mental health or gun legislation, we are left with the executive branch doing things like this.

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