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Camgian Microsystems adds 10 engineers to team


Camgian Microsystems Inc. added 10 engineers to its team in 2016 to support its growing product development and project efforts, the company said in a release.

The new full-time members of Starkville-based Camgian’s technical staff are a mix of experienced professionals and recent college graduates.

They are top engineering graduates from Vanderbilt University’s School of Engineering and Mississippi State’s Bagley College of Engineering. These included bachelor’s and Ph.D level graduates in computer science, electrical and computer engineering.

Camgian’s Egbert 2.0 is star participant in the “Internet of Things,” the fourth generation of the Internet.

Egbert 2.0 is designed to run smart infrastructure for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on the Ohio River, said Gary Butler, chairman and chief executive officer.

The original Egbert was introduced in October 2014 and has been used in retail settings to monitor customer-traffic patterns and thus more-effective product placement, as well as tracking heating and cooling systems to maximize efficiency.

Considered by analysts as one of the top technology companies in the nation, it is opened sales and marketing offices in Tampa, Fla., and San Diego to increase the market for the Prowl radar system, Butler said earlier.

The product is a “very small, low-power radar system that is used for force protection.

Founded in 2006, Camgian three years later bought the local engineering group of Cypress Semiconductor, a San Jose, Calif.-based company, bringing on board its 16 employees, most of whom are engineers and most of whom are graduates of Mississippi State.

Butler declines to tell how many employees the company has or its revenues.

Among the new members is Bobby Rappai, who was named director of software engineering for Camgian’s Internet of Things business.

Rappai comes to Camgian from Verizon where he spent 20 years in enterprise software engineering and led the development of cloud-hosted big data analytics applications for real-time monitoring of large scale network operations.

Similarly, Allen Joiner assumed the role of lead program manager for Camgian’s Internet of Things business unit.

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