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Tractor Supply to open in Bay St. Louis

Tractor Supply Co., the retail chain that carries top brands for farmers, gardeners, homeowners and their pets, is coming to Bay St. Louis. The site is being cleared ahead of construction start.

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  1. I was recently terminated from my position at Tractor Supply Store 2243 for approaching an individual who had used excessive force with their chocolate lab puppy in the parking lot (forcefully jerking the puppy back on their leash then proceeded to lift the dog by the leash choking it) and used excess force in the Pet Wash. There is no policy or procedure that Tractor Supply has that prohibits animal abuse on the property and the proper procedure to approach such an incident. Or is it just allowed with no repercussions?

    Thanks for any feedback. Hopefully there is a proactive step to be taken to educate all employees and those in upper management of this matter so they know how to handle these type situations. Animal abuse and neglect is now considered a felony offense. And since animals are allowed within these stores there needs to be measures taken to protect them just as we would a human being.
    ASPCA has been contacted and other local animal rescues, etc to hopefully resolve this issue to enforce anti animal abuse on any Tractor Supply or Petsense Property. I do not tolerate any type of abuse, especially on a helpless animal. I would do it all over again 🖤

    Feel free to share this post so we can continue to protect these precious babies 🐾🐾🐾🐾

    • Store 2243 is the location listed above in Bay Saint Louis, MS. I’m an avid animal lover and protector. It a facility is going to be animal friendly then it needs to enforce policies to protect them or refrain from allowing them on the property.

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