Our constituent services are as varied as the people who make up the First District. Whether it is assistance with tracking a misdirected benefits payment, applying for benefits, or helping to get a response from an agency, our team is ready to help. We cannot always guarantee the outcome that you want, but we will always work to get you an answer.

Our team members provide help with all agencies, but the primary requests are for assistance with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the Social Security Administration (SSA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is our top priority to simplify the process between constituents who need help and the agencies that they are working with.

For example, a Vietnam Veteran contacted our office so that his children and grandchildren could have a physical piece of their family history – the medals he earned. Once he contacted our veterans outreach coordinator, we were able to serve on his behalf working with the Department of the Army to get the medals he earned and deserved.

Offering helpful constituent services is not limited only to assistance with federal agencies. Sometimes a state agency or city government may be the more appropriate entity for you to contact, but we will help put you in touch with the right place.

Our office also offers services for young people. For example, high school students who are interested in attending one of our nation’s prestigious military academies have the opportunity to attend our annual academy day. For those that are interested in the congressional experience, each semester we offer internships in the district and the office in Washington, DC to students who have completed their sophomore year of college. The information for finding the appropriate application forms for an academy nomination or an internship can be found on our website trentkelly.house.gov or by contacting any of our offices.

When it comes to the written correspondence that you send, we will always get you a timely response. Once we receive your letter or e-mail, we work to get you a response within two weeks. It does not happen often, but sometimes correspondence does get lost in the mail. If you have not gotten a response, please let us know.

Our team works every day to provide good constituent services. For more information on the services that our office provides, please call or visit trentkelly.house.gov. Please let us know how we can assist you, and help us spread the word to your friends, family, and neighbors.

TRENT KELLY is a U.S. representative serving Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District. Readers can connect with Kelly through his website www.trentkelly.house.gov or by calling (662) 841-8808.