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Mississippi economic performance ‘lackluster,’ expert says

An expert is telling state budget writers that Mississippi has had “lackluster” economic performance since the Great Recession.

State economist Darrin Webb also says he expects continued slow growth, partly because Mississippi has a large number of people of working age who don’t have jobs.

Webb spoke Thursday to members of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee, who started two days of hearings. They are considering agencies’ spending requests for the year that begins next July 1.

The Department of Revenue is requesting a slight budget increase so it can hire auditors. Commissioner Herb Frierson says it’s an effort to increase tax collections.

Jess Dickinson, the new director of Child Protective Services, says his agency wants to hire more workers and needs more office space.

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  1. Matthew Holden, Jr

    If a state agency needs more office space, why would it be a bad idea to use space in between the Sillers State Office Building, the new Federal court house, the railroad station, and North Street?

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