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ALAN TURNER — Entrepreneurship: it’s not just for the young

Pens in Dennis inventory_feature_rgb

While in Arizona recently, I spent some time with Dennis Shurtz, a retired Navy machinist who provided encouraging proof that starting a small business is not just for the twenty-something generation. Dennis got the idea for his business after admiring a handmade pen that was owned by a neighbor.  That’s how his business, which he calls The Ink Splat, was ...

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ALAN TURNER — Full circle for Masa Liles

Masa Liles-feature_rgb

During the past few years, I’ve met and become acquainted with a number of business professionals who grew up in Mississippi, left to pursue careers, and wound up coming home to the Magnolia State. However, I don’t recall any whose career travels have been more extensive than Masa Liles, the new Property Manager at Highland Village. Having grown up in ...

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Annual health summit attracts public, private executives


By ALAN TURNER The annual Healthcare Summit was held last week at Mississippi College.  Sponsored by Mississippi College and the Mississippi Business Group on Health, the focus revolves around “The Business of Healthcare”. As we all know, the cost of providing health-care coverage for employees is one of the fastest growing costs of doing business, in Mississippi and all other ...

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ALAN TURNER — Paola recognized for her love of people, geography

Carol Paola_feature_rgb

Carol Paola is one of those people who radiate enthusiasm, and it doesn’t take long to figure out that she truly loves teaching.  She must, since she’s entering her 49th year in the teaching profession. This past week, in an event hosted by the Mississippi Geographic Alliance, Carol was the recipient of the Jess McKee Award, which emphasizes the quality ...

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(MBJ-TV) ALAN TURNER — Alon Bee a banker and an optimist

Alon Bee

One seldom meets an executive who has essentially spent an entire career with one company, but Alon Bee can make that claim.  Although he started out working with banks that were then acquired by other banks and so on, he’s stayed the course through the years, and is today, the city president for Regions Bank’s Metro Jackson division. In his ...

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ALAN TURNER — Caring for the baby boomer generation

Senior care executives Don Glidewell and Steve Dobbs see difficult choices ahead in caring for aging baby boomers.

By ALAN TURNER Continuing our look at the explosive growth of the health care sector in America, it’s important to consider the whole issue of senior care as it relates to the retirement and aging of the baby boom generation. In the prior segment on the future of health care, we looked at the growth of health care in the ...

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ALAN TURNER — Carolyn Boteler of Tempstaff: One of Mississippi’s premier women entrepreneurs


If you ask the typical Mississippi businessperson to name the state’s largest employers, it’s likely that very few would include Tempstaff on the list.  However, as Carolyn Boteler, President of Tempstaff, told us recently, the company definitely qualifies as a major Mississippi employer. “We issued about 4,200 W-2’s last year,” she said.  “We’re really proud of our growth, and we ...

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(VIDEO) ALAN TURNER — Lard Oil expands Mississippi operations

Wade Stephens

Recently, we had the opportunity to meet and get acquainted with Wade Stephens, manager of industrial and commercial business for Lard Oil Co. of Mississippi, and learn about its growth and business plans for Mississippi. The parent company is actually based in Louisiana, and was founded in 1922, so it has a long history in the energy business.  Essentially, the ...

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Merit Health’s Steve Dobbs: There’s not going to be as many doctors to take care of people (VIDEO)

Robyn Pollack, senior director of communications and CEO Steve Dobbs

It’s not difficult to make the argument that the health care industry in America has been the premier growth business of the past 50 years. Consider these simple statistics.  According to government numbers, in 1960, total health expenditures in the United States totaled approximately $27.4 billion. This represented 5 percent of the gross domestic product of the U.S. at that ...

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ALAN TURNER — Is Mississippi on the cusp of major economic growth? Rich Sun thinks so (VIDEO)

Rich Sun

After graduating from Princeton and getting an MBA from New York University, Rich Sun, the new chairman for Innovate Mississippi, built a long and successful career as an investment banker and venture capital expert.  Among other stops along the way, he worked with Goldman Sachs, served in business development for emerging international markets and today, is an entrepreneur and business ...

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