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JOSH MABUS — A smile remembered, Jack Reed


I didn’t have a deep personal relationship with Jack Reed Sr. Most of my time spent with Mr. Jack was at weddings, community events or quick conversations in restaurants around Tupelo. Through these brief interactions, I have been lucky to observe at least part of an incredibly beautiful life and no doubt absorb a great amount of inspiration. In the ...

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BOOK BIZ — Celebrating the brain’s amazing ability to change


For many years, the prevailing view in brain science held up three beliefs as staunch truth. First, that once past certain developmental stages, our brains were unable to adapt or grow in any significant way. Next, that when parts of the brain were damaged, either from disease or by accident or injury, that damage was largely permanent. And third, that ...

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TODD SMITH — Here’s a sneak peak at The Super Bowl 50 ads


Whether it’s cars, chips or beer, ,the usual super suspects are lining up to make the 50th Super Bowl more than a game to remember – at least when it comes to the ads. With the Super Bowl set for Sunday, advertisers have given us  a peek at what they’ve got planned. They have a lot at stake as they ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Fuel tax issue will show Republicans can lead, or not


The Governor, Lt. Governor and Legislators started new four-year terms this month. Most are returnees. Most are Republicans. The main difference between now and four years ago is that Republicans now hold “super” majorities in both the House and Senate. That means they can pass revenue, tax, and bond bills (along with general and appropriations bills) with Republican votes only.   ...

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SUMESH ARORA — Innovation in 2016 will incorporate public-private partnerships

Innovation, idea

As we look at what innovations we may expect to emerge across our state in 2016, I would like to share some of the topics which I encountered at the Rural Opportunity Investment Conference in Memphis and West Memphis, Arkansas on Jan. 11-12, 2016.  This conference was hosted by the White House Rural Council and the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) ...

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JOSH MABUS — Create communication that provides a solution


Do you ever feel like you’re always explaining what you do over and over, yet you feel that you never get it quite right? I’ve recently had a few potential clients seek out my agency to help their business in one way or another, but I quickly found out — when they asked, “What does a creative agency do anyway?” ...

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TODD SMITH — 7 habits of highly effective digital marketers

Internet Marketing

To be effective at digital and online marketing, you must find others who are successful at it and observe the strategic thought that is working. The practice doesn’t always mirror specific tactics. But character traits and habits that lead to the discovery and implementation of successful plans will always be beneficial to your brand! Here are seven habits of highly ...

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JOSH MABUS — Don’t be lulled into false sense of security


Just because you’ve always been in business doesn’t mean you’ll always be in business. As a business owner, it’s easy to fall into the line of thinking that you will be open tomorrow because you were open yesterday. It’s also easy to think people should care about your business simply because it’s your business — after all, you care about ...

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BOOK BIZ — Learning about memoir from a master of the genre

Book Biz logo

Everyone has a story to tell. For some among us, the hope of connecting our own personal story to the larger human narrative drives us to write and share what happened. But even if you, instead, just prefer to read others’ true-life stories, Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir proves to be a thoughtful investigation into the popular literary form. ...

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CLARKE REED — Will Attorney General Hood join the fight against the illegal carbon rule?


We have seen a steady expansion of federal power during President Barack Obama’s term in the White House. The latest example is the Environmental Protection Agency’s so-called Clean Carbon Plan, a mandate that will effectively put the federal government in control of how Mississippi produces electricity which will cause prices to skyrocket.  Mississippi families in turn will be hard pressed ...

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