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BOOKBIZ — Strunk and White as relevant today as ever

» The Elements of Style (Illustrated edition)  
By William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White (Illustrated by Maira Kalman)
Published by Penguin Books       
$18.00 softback

Omit needless words.” “Be clear.” “Use the active voice.” “Do not overwrite.” These are just a few highlights from the straightforward instructions found in the classic book The Elements of Style. You may remember it, as so many do, from your high school English composition class. No matter if you graduated 40-years ago or four, this little book is as ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Underperforming state economy thumps state budget

economic development

Uh oh.  Money to fund Mississippi government is below target this year and will be less than expected next year.   So much for fully funding MAEP next year, or big tax cuts, or big funding increases for colleges, universities or other state agencies.   And this is a surprise?   Given all the tax cuts, rebates, and credits passed by ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — The last resort for homes that won’t sell

house for sale_feature_rgb

The Smiths home had been on the market a long time. It was a beautiful property priced right, but it just seemed that it would not sell. The Smiths were desperate. Finally, they dug a hole in the front yard, planted an item and said a prayer. Their property sold the next week. The dream of just about every seller ...

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JOSH MABUS — Whenever = when? never


We have a saying at Mabus Agency: “If it’s hard to do, it will never get done.” We call it the rule of wheNEVER. And if I’m honest, I’m not the first person to discover this phenomenon. A lot of people just call it human nature. We named this phenomenon as a way to remind ourselves to make things as ...

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BILL CRAWFORD — Despite speculation, funding for Kemper plant likely

A look at the Kemper County Coal Plant from the top. The plant will be tasked with mining lignite coal a few hundred yards away from the plant. That coal is moved through a process that will convert it to syngas. The syngas is then used to drive the energy output of the plant, and the resulting electricity is then moved into the grid.

As the current membership of the Mississippi Public Service Commission nears a decision on the initial rate hike requested by Mississippi Power Company for its Kemper power plant, speculation runs rampant on what the new membership will do on next year’s full funding request.    Speculation spiked last week when Moody’s downgraded the company’s credit rating and, prematurely, cited the ...

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MARK BLACKWELL — Accessing retirement funds


For many, finally achieving retirement signifies passing from years of toil and diligence to a more carefree lifestyle.  When it comes to making the most of your money, though, your retirement celebration may mark the end of some considerations, but it marks the beginning of many more.  Managing the allocation of your investment accounts and having a plan to minimize ...

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JOSH MABUS — In the brand world, continuity, not content, is king


One of the oldest axioms in marketing is the Rule of Seven, which says it takes seven exposures to a brand or product before a consumer is comfortable trusting the brand, accepting the brand’s message or purchasing the product. Most people say the rule started in the ‘30s with Hollywood film promotion but it’s attributed to plenty of marketing experts ...

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