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JOSH MABUS — Video Streaming: new screens, new horizons, old wisdom


You’ve probably heard this year’s college football opening weekend was the most watched of all time. The Ohio State / Virginia Tech matchup was the third most watched regular season game ever. There was another record put on the books. It was the most streamed college game of all time with 708,000 viewers watching through the Watch ESPN online streaming ...

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SUMESH ARORA — Re-energizing after Hurricane Katrina

Innovation, idea

A s we mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and reflect on the past decade we hear many stories of courage, strength and of the unity we showed as a state.  One of the numbers which stood out in my mind was the number of people who lost electricity to their homes, offices or businesses: nearly four million, by some ...

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MURRAY HARBER — The business of health care


In a few weeks from now, leaders from Mississippi and across the country will come together to learn more about “The Business of Health Care.” What is the business of health care anyway? Well, it depends upon your perspective in the system. Are you the payer who is writing the check for coverage and looking for value? Are you the ...

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PEYTON SMITH — Flood insurance basics

flood insurance

Most people assume when they purchase homeowner’s insurance that flood insurance is included in their policy. It is very important to read your policy and find out whether or not there is flood exclusion because a typical homeowner’s policy does not include flood insurance. Since flood insurance is federally regulated, there are myths and misconceptions with the general public. One ...

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ENGINEERED FOR SUCCESS — From George Washington To 3D Surveying, Digital mapping and drones

W hen the ‘Father of Our Country’ was working as a public land surveyor in 1748, mapping hundreds of square miles of newly settled Virginia, the tools of the trade consisted of a survey compass and a chain.  The compass provided simple direction based on magnetic north; the chain provided a way to measure distance and consisted of 100 iron ...

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COMMERCIAL FINANCE 701 — Construction contracts and risk mitigation

AIA-A102 graphic

  A commercial construction project is a multifaceted venture.  The numerous parties, erratic pricing of materials, potential for defects, unpredictable local governments, tight profit margins, and vital financing all contribute to a challenging project.  The parties need a well-drafted construction contract. THE PROCESS Reaching the point of actually needing a construction contract can be exhausting.  Necessary steps include site selection, ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Conservative leadership, faith bind Taggart to Kasich


Andy Taggart’s commitment to chair Ohio Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign in Mississippi should surprise no one. It’s a match made in … well, you’ll see.   Kasich has been described as a “brash, bare-knuckled” leader. Taggart served as chief-of-staff for Mississippi’s beloved brash, bare-knuckled governor, Kirk Fordice.   Kasich has strong credentials as an effective conservative leader (meaning he’s ...

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