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MARK BLACKWELL — A trip abroad may be cheaper this year


  If your family is like mine, you may be in the habit of vacationing in the same stateside location summer after summer.  There is a lot to be said for sticking with what’s familiar – locales where you know you will find amenities that everyone has enjoyed in the past and would likely enjoy again.  However, this may also ...

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DAVID DALLAS — Mississippi sunshine and the perfect storm

These Desoto solar panels are part of Entergy's small scale “Bright Future Solar Projects”

The perfect solar storm is hitting Mississippi. One that could have us all dancing and singing that Brady Bunch song, “Sunshine Day.” More solar panel manufacturing jobs have come to our state. Entergy Mississippi has developed a pilot project to collect better data for more efficient solar energy for its consumers. And our Public Service Commission is set to approve net ...

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SUMESH ARORA — Can innovation in Mississippi be a national model?

Tony Jeff (president/ CEO of Innovate Mississippi) is teaching the students about the basics of entrepreneurship and how technology is evolving and why they should care

Photos courtesy of Innovate Mississippi

In my last column I showed that Mississippi has vast untapped potential for innovation, mainly because of our human asset.  Based on research first published in 1962 in the book Diffusion of Innovations we have we have the potential to build an army of roughly 74,000 innovators.  While statistically, this number represents just 2.5 percent of our population, these individuals ...

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COMMERCIAL FINANCE 701 — Participations: One loan and multiple banks


H igh dollar projects and banks’ house limits are major drivers of commercial loan participations.  This article addresses why and how banks join together to make a single commercial loan. What is a loan participation? A loan participation is an arrangement among banks in which one bank shares part of its loan with one or more banks.  The arrangement is ...

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JOSH MABUS: Set your sights on better marketing plans


Ready. Aim. Fire. These words weren’t chosen by accident to describe the process of acquiring and attacking a target. There is an order to creating success. When one goes out of order, it’s normally to get to the firing portion as quickly as possible. In general parlance, we call this “trigger-happy.” Effective marketing isn’t, and will never be, driven by ...

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DAVID DALLAS: BP disaster demonstrates need for change

Deepwater Horizon

Call me crazy, but I’ve always had a soft spot for British Petroleum. One of my favorite childhood memories is having our car filled up and serviced at the old Walt’s Gulf station in the middle of downtown Cleveland, Mississippi. Mr. Walt had a young man named Charles that worked for him. Charles would let me help him fill up ...

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TODD SMITH: NBC’s Brian Williams begins ‘apology tour’

Taylor Swift

For the first time in four months, suspended NBC News anchor Brian Williams is meeting with groups of colleagues and apologizing for misstatements that embarrassed the news division and gave the veteran news man – and the NBC brand – a black eye. It’s already being dubbed an “apology tour.” Williams spent time with staffers of his former program, the ...

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JOSH MABUS: Shed 50 pounds using these overlooked marketing techniques; Learning from the click bait era


You Won’t Believe What These Child Actors Are Doing Now.” “Eight Things Your Doctor is Lying About.” “Make $1,000 a Week Working From Home Using Just This Trick.” “One Mom’s Trick to Staying Fit on the Go.” “What This Kid Says Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.” We probably see 100 headlines like these everyday while scrolling down our Facebook ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: MAEP ballot initiatives invite court rationalizations

miss supreme court

And you thought it absurd when the U.S. Supreme Court rationalized what Congress meant for Obamacare subsidies though the law clearly specified subsidies would go only to exchanges “established by the state.”   Ha!  Mississippi courts have two cases where they must rationalize what the Mississippi Legislature meant by the complex word “shall.”   Shades of Bill Clinton’s, “It depends on ...

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