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HU MEENA — Fiber fever spreads throughout the Jackson metro area

c spire

Few people noticed the lightbulb. The innovation that has come to be the very symbol of, well, a great idea. No one was against it, but few saw the potential. And who could blame them? This was a disruptive innovation that seemed out of context and excessive to functional lamp-flame light. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. Chances are ...

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TODD SMITH — Facebook challenges Google, Twitter on Real Time News


Facebook is ready to challenge Google and Twitter for control of real-time news search and the news itself. With a recent rollout to U.S. English language users, Facebook Search returns anything you’re allowed to see from its 2 trillion posts. That includes public posts by all people and Pages, not just your friends and Pages you Like as before. The ...

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BOOKBIZ — A breathtaking debut novel that doesn’t disappoint


Literary agent and author Bill Clegg is no stranger to the best-seller list, whether from the agent’s side or the writer’s. His own success as an author came several years ago with the publication of his two memoirs, which dealt with addiction and his subsequent recovery. Now, he’s returned with his outstanding fiction debut, the beautiful and poignant Did You ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — What drives you into the sale? And drives you out with the order?


Got a company mission statement? “Yes, Jeffrey.  We do.” Really? Can you recite two words of it? “Uh, no.” How come?  Dude, it’s your MISSION.  It’s what is supposed to drive you into the sale — and, create an atmosphere of success. It’s your mission. The reason you’re not following your company’s mission statement, is because you had nothing to ...

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COMMERCIAL FINANCE 701 — Syndications: a super-sized credit facility with multiple lenders


To fulfill whopping credit needs, a corporate borrower may need to avail itself of a syndicated loan.  This article attempts to define, distill and distinguish this divergent financing vehicle. What is a Syndicated Loan or Loan Syndication? As too common in business jargon, “syndicated loan” and “loan syndication” are not precisely defined or uniformly employed terms.  To get us started, ...

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Father of state Republican Party, Clarke Reed, supports Democrat

A look at the Kemper County Coal Plant from the top. The plant will be tasked with mining lignite coal a few hundred yards away from the plant. That coal is moved through a process that will convert it to syngas. The syngas is then used to drive the energy output of the plant, and the resulting electricity is then moved into the grid.

My name is Clarke Reed. I am from Greenville. I am the second State Chairman of the Republican Party in modern times and have been active in Republican leadership roles since the early ‘60s. For the first time in my 87 years, I am supporting a Democrat, Thomas Blanton, Democratic candidate for Public Service Commission in the 3rd District. This ...

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JOSH MABUS — Experience – find your least common denominator


The Experience — does it set you apart? In a marketplace where most products and services aren’t unique, setting your brand apart can be difficult. This was the biggest concern of a group of bank marketers to which I had the pleasure to speak earlier this month at the American Bankers Association’s national marketing conference. This question kept coming up ...

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BOOK BIZ — Read this Mississippi native’s impressive debut novel

» Three Rivers  
By Tiffany Quay Tyson
Published by Thomas Dunne Books   
$25.99 hardback

Jackson, Mississippi native Tiffany Quay Tyson’s evocative debut novel, Three Rivers, explores the meaning and the pull of family, place, and expectations. Tyson creates three parallel but ultimately interconnected stories filled with characters that readers will ultimately both relate to and root for. The book opens with Melody Mahaffey receiving a letter from her mother, calling her home to the ...

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SUMESH ARORA — Celebrating November as “Innovation Month”

Innovation, idea

S o what is in a Twitter hashtag anyway? A lot, when you take a close look at the nine characters in “#MsInNov8” that were specifically chosen to promote the concept of innovation in Mississippi during November.  Innovation has the power to transform lives and comes in all shapes, sizes and colors; in small steps and giant leaps; and from ...

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