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PHIL HARDWICK — All about streets

Depending on the perspective, there are good streets and not-so-good streets.  And then there are great streets.  This writer has a bias toward streets that are canopied. In Mississippi, that means streets that have treetops over them. Some streets in Ocean Springs, Jackson and Laurel come to mind. This column is about great streets as defined by the Project for ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: Flags — what do they mean?

With the Winter Olympics in full swing most of us are seeing a lot a flags. Some are really beautiful, and some are really ugly. So what makes a great flag? The answer to that question can be found in a great little booklet compiled by Ted Kaye and published by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA). Here are the ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — The ABCs of economic development for small towns

  Mayors of just about all small towns are part-time individuals interested and willing to serve their communities. They do not get paid very much and most are not holders of college degrees in economic or community development. They learn quickly that there is a lot to learn about being the CEO of a small town. One of the many ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — A Q&A with Knox Ross

It’s been a while since I had a chance to visit with former Pelahatchie Mayor Knox Ross so I reached out to him online. Here’s my interview with the personable and accomplished Ross. What are you doing these days? I am completing an 11-month assignment as the CEO of the Coordinating and Development Corporation in Shreveport. The CDC is an ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Mississippi is a paradox in so many ways

August 10, 2017. It is the final morning of a wonderful vacation in Ireland. Up early, I reflect on the kind and welcoming people of Ireland we have met. I marvel at Ireland’s ability to attract businesses to the Emerald Isle. Google, Accenture, Facebook, Paypal. The list goes on and on. I compare and contrast Ireland’s business attraction efforts with ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: Escape rooms are sweeping the nation

  Kimberly wasn’t so sure she wanted to participate in the so-called Collaborate Problem Solving Activity that was on the agenda at the conference she was attending. “I hear they lock you in a room with other people and the group has to solve some kind of puzzle to get out.” “Oh, don’t worry,” someone said. “It’s a lot of ...

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