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PHIL HARDWICK — How to make ends meet

The message that is consistently stressed in Sen. Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic Party nomination for president is that America now has more wealth and income inequality than any major developed country on earth, and the gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s. He points out that the top ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — The first job of a new board leader

  Management guru Peter Drucker said that the first action of an effective leader is to determine what needs to be done. Stated another way, the first job of a new leader is to assess the organization. If you are about to assume the leadership of an organization, more specifically a nonprofit organization, there are several ways to assess the ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — No matter what, relationships do matter

  Would you be upset if your son or daughter married someone from a different political party? In 2010, the online polling firm YouGov took a survey and found that 49 percent of those who identified themselves as Republicans, and 33 percent of those who identified themselves as Democrats expressed concern about their child marrying someone of a different political ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Five things learned and relearned this past year

As 2015 draws to a close I took some time to reflect on the year and consider some of the noteworthy things that I learned, relearned or were just reinforced during the past year. It is a random list, but one that most business people can relate to. Organizational culture really matters Organizational culture is often thought of as “the ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — An economic development primer for small town mayors

They come in all sizes and shapes and from a wide variety of backgrounds. Almost all of them are serving in their posts in a part-time capacity. Many, if not most, have had little training in the fundamentals and nuances of economic development. They are the mayors of small towns in Mississippi and other states across America. In spite of ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — The most important clause in a real estate contract

The typical real estate contract has tens, sometimes dozens, of clauses. Each is important, but there is one clause that is generally considered the most important clause in a real estate contract, and in all contracts for that matter. If you had to guess, which of the following would you say is the most important clause in a real estate ...

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