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Hidden investment fees, do you really care how much?

People have claimed for years, I being one of them, that the investment world is wrought with hidden fees. There is the spread between bid and ask prices that goes to someone. There is the expense ratio in mutual funds that is spread out to many different individuals and entities. That expense includes (12b-1) fees that are paid back to ...

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Are you using strategic or tactical investing?

Strategic versus tactical investing. What are they and which one should I be using in my portfolio?  If you haven’t thought about this it doesn’t mean that you don’t use one or the other, it may just mean that you don’t know which one you are using. It’s important to know what these strategies are and even more important to ...

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Thinking straight will get you in trouble every time

It seems to me that to be good in the investment business you just can’t think straight.  Thinking straight will get you in trouble every time.  Now I didn’t say think smart, I said think straight.  Thinking straight to me means thinking in a straight line.  Let me give you an example.  My business partner and I took a flight ...

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Current market fluctuations more about psychology

Well, it’s no wonder that everyone is once again worried about the stock market.  What with Greece having problems funding their debt, (not the Broadway show but the actual country), and Goldman Sachs out there creating products and then betting against their own children, so to speak, after selling them in good faith to their clients.  Congress is out there ...

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Financial services bills on the hill

My family went to Washington for spring break this year; the nation’s capital, not the state. I wanted to show them our government at work and I wanted them to experience the history through our monuments and our museums. It is a trip worth taking, not only for the children but to remind ourselves that what we do in Washington ...

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It’s all about expectations

I heard someone say recently that we had just too much Olympics. Every two years is just too much. I couldn’t disagree more. I love watching those that are the best in sports, but are not usually covered by the sports media, compete for something other than a paycheck or endorsement money.  I was disappointed when the United States decided ...

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