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TODD SMITH: Journalists share story pitching pet peeves


Reporters get 38,000 emails a year, and more than two-thirds of them are from people seeking publicity. It’s no wonder – there are more than times as many public relations specialists as reporters and correspondents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So it’s more important than ever to navigate all the noise with your journalist network with relevant – ...

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TODD SMITH: Amazon dives into food, detergent & diapers

advertising marketing

Amazon already sells things like electronic accessories, office supplies and even clothing under a variety of its own brand names. Now it’s going all in on groceries and household products. While some people will point out that so-called “private labeling” is nothing new – grocery stores and big-box retailers have been increasingly pushing their in-house brands – this is a ...

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TODD SMITH — Twitter scores NFL streaming deal for 2016 games


Twitter has scored a big win for streaming live NFL games next fall! The social media company beat out heavyweights including Amazon and Verizon for global rights to stream the Thursday night games the league will host next season. The win gives Twitter the ability to show the games to users around the world, without requiring them to sign in ...

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TODD SMITH: Brands are getting presidential during national election cycle


Brands are getting into the presidential race, too, capitalizing on the political discourse – or lack thereof – with messaging aimed squarely at an engaged electorate. While brands don’t want to be associated with polarizing topics like immigration, the economy or religion, they are targeting ads that speak to the current mood of the country. A survey by the Global ...

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TODD SMITH — Biggest brand, PR & reputation blunders in 2015 2.0


The Spin Cycle has reflected and contemplated the biggest challenges and blunders on how companies, organizations and people handled their brands, reputations and crisis management in 2015. There were some pretty epic PR blunders last year! Last we explored Nos 10-5. This week, The Spin Cycle reviews the Top 5 PR bloopers of 2015 from PR Newser: 5. Starbucks Race ...

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TODD SMITH — Annual Christmas Price Index details cost of ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ — true loves get a bargain this year


Reflecting a steep decline in energy costs, lower inflation and slow-but-steady economic growth, the 2015 PNC Christmas Price Index® (PNC CPI) experienced its lowest growth rate in six years at 0.6 percent in the whimsical holiday economic analysis by PNC Wealth Management. According to the 32nd annual report – which measures the cost of the gifts in the holiday classic, ...

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TODD SMITH — The most popular brands in each state


Public relations and marketing agencies make it a priority to identify the nation’s regional brand tastes – why people choose Coca-Cola over Pepsi, or Ford over Chrysler – in one part of the country over another. While the volumes of marketing research can point to the brands that are held in high regard in a given state – and why ...

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TODD SMITH — CNN launches Great Big Story – answer to Vice And Buzzfeed


Just south of CNN’s Manhattan headquarters, in an office marked not with the broadcast company’s iconic logo, but a red rocket ship, nearly 30 new employees have spent time stealthily preparing to launch the broadcast network’s answer to publications like Vice and Buzzfeed: Great Big Story. GBS is an independent company fully funded by CNN, and it aims to create ...

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