PSC denies telecoms certification


Published: October 2,2009

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JACKSON — Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz announced that the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) has unanimously revoked the certificates for 53 telecommunications companies to do business in Mississippi.

“These companies failed to provide the Commission with their annual reports that detail their business activities in the state,” Bentz said. “These reports allow us to protect the ratepayers of Mississippi. I cannot and will not grant certificates until these reports are provided and can be reviewed.”

The telecommunication companies are: ADS-Telecom Inc.; Lecstar Telecom Inc.; Airnex Communications Inc.; Metro Teleconnect Companies Inc.; Allsouth Phone Connect Inc.; Ntera Inc.; Alticomm Inc.; National Telecom & Broadband Services, LLC; Amtel Communications Inc.; New Horizons Communications Corp.; Awesome Communications Inc.; Norstan Network Services Inc.; Bak Communications Inc.; North American Telephone Network, LLC; Nustar Communications Corp.; Bealls Communication Group Inc. OLS Inc.; Blackstone Communications Co.; Onestar Long Distance Inc.; CI2 Inc.; P & S Quick Connect Inc.; Com One Interactive, LLC; Phone-Link Inc.; TO Competitive Communications Inc.; Preferred Carrier Services Inc.; EZ Phone Inc.; Premier Telecom Inc.; TO Cyperss Telecommunications Corp.; Promisevision Technology Inc.; Dancriss Telecom Inc.; R2C Communications Inc.; Dial-Around Telecom Inc.; Servisense.Com Inc.; Seven Bridges Communications, LLC; Dialtone and More Inc. Telecents Communications Inc.; ECI Communications Inc.; Teleconex Inc.; Familytel of Mississippi, LLC; Telliss, LLC; Esodus Communications Inc.; Telson Communications Inc.; Exergy Group, LLC; Telstar Communications Inc.; Freedomstarr Communications Inc.; The Free Network, LLC; Gobal Communications Consulting Corp.; Victory Communications Inc.; Greenville Telephone Services Inc.; Vox Populi Telecommunications Inc.; Group Long Distance Inc.; W2Com International, LLC; and, Winstar Communications, LLC.

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