‘Attorney: State Should Assist in Jackson Water System Upgrade’


Published: January 13,2010

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John R.Reeves

John R.Reeves

Former state representative and long-time Jackson attorney John R. Reeves said he thinks the city ought to seek state assistance for water system repairs “because state government occupies almost half of downtown Jackson and pays no taxes.”

“Taxpayers like me are drowning in taxes,” Reeves said. Raising city taxes will only “drive people off more than they already have… We’re over-taxed. We can’t take it anymore.”

Reeves said downtown Jackson has made great strides recently with new developments, but the broken water mains just add to the overall negative image that the city has.

Reeves has worked in downtown Jackson for almost 30 years. His law office has not lost water during the current water crisis.

Reeves said city officials talked about a bond issue to upgrade aging water infrastructure 20 years ago under Mayor Kane Ditto, but talk faded as the weather got warmer and a series of mild winters followed.

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