DMR suspends sale of commercial resident dredging licenses


Published: May 10,2011

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MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST — The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (DMR) has immediately suspended the sale of commercial resident dredging licenses. The threshold for commercial oyster license sales has been met in all categories.

The sale of commercial non-resident dredging licenses was suspended May 3; resident and non-resident tonging license sales were suspended April 28.

The suspension is a result of a plan developed by the DMR to limit the sale of oyster licenses for the 2011-2012 oyster season. The plan addresses a motion passed at the April Mississippi Commission on Marine Resources (CMR) meeting. The CMR motion directed the executive director of the DMR to closely monitor the sale of commercial oyster licenses for any unusual increase in the number and types of licenses sold. The motion also authorizes the executive director to suspend the sale of commercial oyster licenses in categories reflecting unusual increases in sales. The executive director will report the suspension of license sales to the CMR at the May 2011 meeting. The CMR may choose to readdress the issue.

Individuals unable to obtain a license during the period of suspension may petition the executive director in writing for the issuance of a license. Those who petition must provide proof of prior year’s participation in the Mississippi oyster fishery or prove why they were unable to participate. Petitioners should also show good cause of why they should be issued a license during the suspension of sales.

Source: Mississippi Department of Marine Resources

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