Feasibility of new railroad line under review


Published: June 9,2011

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SOUTHEAST MISSISSIPPI — The Rail Authority of East Mississippi has a $50,000 grant to study whether there is enough demand from the forest products industry to create a short railroad line from Waynesboro to Lucedale.

Executive director Geoffrey Clark says the U.S. Commerce Department provided the money, and Waggoner Engineering will work with Mississippi State University and the University of Southern Mississippi on the study.

The Mississippi Press reports that the 50-mile line would cost about $225 million and bring a north-south link near ports in Pascagoula and Mobile.

In a news release, Clark said the timber industry was the primary customer of a railroad through the area in the early 19th century, and may be a primary reason to rebuild it.

Source: The Mississippi Press

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2 Responses to “Feasibility of new railroad line under review”

  1. Jerry Bevis Says:

    If Mississippi State University is involved they will find that a rail line is not only necessary, it’s our only hope for any type of economic prosperity. They so found during a similar study a few years ago in North Mississippi. They were totally off-base with that study. T

  2. Jerry Bevis Says:

    Whatever happened to the marketplace determining the need for infrastructure. Remember Manifest Destiny? They didn’t need a study to build those rail lines. As a taxpayer I do not want to subsidize the rail industry. If Mississippi State University is involved they will most assuredly find the rail line is absolutely necessary. They did the same thing for a study in North Mississippi for a rail line where there is no demand for rail service. All in the name of “economic development.” Haha. What a joke. They should stick to making cheese.



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