Catch-22: getting on welfare easier than getting off


Published: July 31,2011

Tags: poverty, Single mothers, welfare

Regardless of the definition of poverty or opinions on solutions for change, one thing is certain: Getting on government assistance is a lot easier than getting off. Many single mothers who become dependent on welfare programs find the road to self-sufficiency difficult.

Tanya Shavers, a 34-year-old mother of four who recently moved out of the Section 8 Payton Garden housing complex in Pearl, said living on the federal dole is a Catch-22.

“It seems like the system punishes you when you try to get up out of poverty…


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One Response to “Catch-22: getting on welfare easier than getting off”

  1. ray parrish Says:

    people on welfare should take a drug test. there are many on welfare that is on drugs if they pop positive should be taken off of welfare



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