‘26’ campaign wants birth control out of the debate

Leader: Media using fear of birth control bans, infertility clinics to divert focus from abortion

Yes on 26 campaign director Brad Prewitt is quickly irritated at the mention of “birth control” and the possibility a Nov. 8 victory for his coalition’s “personhood” amendment would restrict doctors from prescribing contraceptives.

His organization, he says, wants to outlaw abortion and the “morning after” pill in the state — not birth control or fertility clinics, though legal scholars say the proposed constitutional amendment that voters will decide on Nov. 8 sets the stage for…


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One Response to “‘26’ campaign wants birth control out of the debate”

  1. What’s the difference? Marketing. » Parents Against MS 26 Says:

    […] suggests otherwise). However, they are very, very clear that the “morning after pill” would be banned under 26. So, it seems an appropriate time to ask: what exactly is the difference between […]



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