Legislators approve bill moving start of school year

JACKSON — Mississippi public schools would be required to start on the third Monday or later under a measure moving through the Legislature.

The state Senate voted 29-21 for House Bill 707 yesterday. Under the bill, the earliest possible school day would be anywhere from Aug. 15 to Aug. 21.

The House had mandated a start date of the fourth Monday of August or later. The amended bill returns to the House for more work.

The Gulf Coast Business Council, a business group, is pushing the measure. The Gulfport-based council says the measure would let families spend more money taking vacations, boosting the economy.

Opponents say the state shouldn’t interfere with a district’s ability to set its calendar. They also warn a later start date means school lasting later or fewer holidays.

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3 Responses to “Legislators approve bill moving start of school year”

  1. Concerned Mississippi Citizen Says:

    Did I just read that boosting our economy is taking priority over the education of our children in the state of Mississippi ? I have no doubt we are living in the last days…..

  2. Ross Reily Says:

    Yes you did!!!
    What you have to ask is, “Was the motivation of this bill to better educate our children?”
    If the answer is no, that should be all that’s important.

  3. Ann Brandon Says:

    ‘They also warn a later start date means school lasting later or fewer holidays.’

    This does not bother me a bit!!!



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