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Published: July 7,2014

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» Jackson Photos By Ken Murphy Published by Ken Murphy South Publishing and Photography $75.00 hardback

» Jackson Photos
By Ken Murphy
Published by Ken Murphy South Publishing and Photography
$75.00 hardback

Prolific Bay St. Louis photographer Ken Murphy presents another beautiful book of photos that is sure to become a collector’s item. This time the subject is Jackson, Mississippi’s largest and capital city and hub of political and business activity. Jackson is a 183-page photography book with a foreword by Lemuria Bookstore owner John Evans and an introduction by business leader Leland Speed. There are photos of Jackson icons — businesses, churches, homes and historic landmarks.

In his foreword Evans writes, “Through this photographic tour, Lemuria wishes to share the tangible beauty of Jackson. While Jackson’s culture is rooted in the past, the city is evolving with many major enhancements and physical changes in the making. This book may serve as the last documentation of what is as we move into what will be. Often referred to as ‘the Crossroads of the South,’ Jackson is the transept of our state, physically and emotionally, with vibrant festivals, restaurants and bars and good small, local businesses that are digging in to preserve and grow our city’s integrity.”

Evans says it’s fitting that Murphy takes on the capital city because he has spent 15 years capturing the beauty of Mississippi in photographic books. “We know we might have left out a favorite of yours, but please know that we tried to touch on the most vibrant and interesting aspects of Jackson,” he said. “And to all Greater Jacksonians and Mississippians, consider this book as a symbol of what is good about Jackson.”

Jackson goes on sale in late July and is available with four different cover photos. According to a spokeswoman for Lemuria, three of those covers — the Eudora Welty home, Fondren corner and Lemuria Bookstore — are available in a limited number. The fourth cover features a photo of the Lamar Life Building. The official book launch and signing will be held at Lemuria at 5 p.m. August 5.

In addition to Evans, other Lemuria employees who worked with Murphy on the book are Lisa Newman and Maggie Stevenson.

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