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Making financial planning decisions in tough times

by Published: May 4,2009


Let’s agree on a couple of things before I make any recommendations: 1. We are experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression and no one saw it coming. 2. Those of us who invest in the stock market have lost about half of what we had when this thing started. 3. Our plans for […] [...]

Current market offers opportunities

by Published: December 1,2008


With my stock portfolio off 42 percent from a year ago, at which time I “semi-retired” intending to, at least in part, live off my investments, I’ve had to rethink my situation and get a new plan. I’m sure that my frustration and anguish over the stock market crash are shared by most of our […] [...]

Savoring the experience as I re-enter public accounting

by Published: September 17,2007


I used to be an accountant. I left public accounting to be a controller and then a publisher. Now I’m an accountant again. Or, at least, I want to be. Several years ago I put my CPA license on “retired” status to avoid the annual continuing education requirements. Now I have to go back and […] [...]

As summer fades, MBJ team gears up for EXPO

by Published: September 11,2007


It’s probably a little known fact that our Mississippi Business and Technology EXPO trade show, which comes around every January, was not part of the Mississippi Business Journal prior to our buying the paper. In fact, we bought the show as an afterthought once the deal for buying the paper was negotiated. Initially, I had […] [...]

What is the outlook for our manufacturing workforce?

by Published: July 30,2007


Decades ago, the Deep South earned a reputation for offering a cheap, abundant and hard-working labor force. Manufacturers swarmed here to take advantage of the cheap labor. Those jobs were physically demanding and simple to perform, requiring nothing more than a little on-the-job training. The situation has changed drastically and will continue to change even […] [...]

Before loading the truck, have a destination

by Published: April 16,2007


The Mississippi Animal Rescue League (MARL) began its odyssey to a new shelter facility more than 10 years ago, and the Promised Land is just around the bend. During the last week in April ,MARL will relocate to its new home on Greenway Drive, just off Highway 18 in South Jackson. And, what a journey […] [...]

Take control of how you handle taxing situations

by Published: April 9,2007


Well, it’s April 9th. In a few short days participants in our self-assessment tax system (that would be you and me) will perform our patriotic duty and render unto Caesar his share of our earnings. And, as I’m sure was equally true in Caesar’s time, the rendering will be accompanied by much wailing and gnashing […] [...]

Leaders are those who will put it all on the line

by Published: April 2,2007


The Mississippi Association of Partners in Education honored former Gov. William Winter and Tupelo businessman Jack Reed at a dinner last week for their untiring leadership in promoting public education in Mississippi over the past half-century. It was our privilege to help sponsor the event, which was held at the Hilton Hotel here in Jackson. […] [...]

Going global and dealing with a new deck of cards

by Published: March 26,2007


Ronald Reagan’s theory held that lowering taxes on upper income folks would spur investment and increase opportunities for everyone and that the benefit of tax reductions would “trickle down” to the middle class. The answer to whether any economic theory works is always, “it depends,” and Reagan’s is no exception. Though a definitive answer to […] [...]

Decision proof Northeast Mississippi can get job done

by Published: March 19,2007


I was caught completely off-guard with Toyota’s decision to locate an automotive assembly plant in Northeast Mississippi. It amazes me that something that big could be kept so totally under wraps. It appears that all the necessary agreements have been signed and the plant will be up and running in a couple of years. This […] [...]

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