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MARTY WISEMAN — Obamacare: Dead or an alternative?

by Published: November 29,2013

Tags: Business, Mississippi, Politics

We are on the eve of a potentially life or death moment for the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. The stakes are high for the Republicans and for President Obama, who is preparing to spend the remainder of his term as the lamest of lame ducks if his signature piece of legislation totally […] [...]

MARTY WISEMAN — The demise of civic understanding

by Published: November 15,2013

Tags: Business, government, Mississippi, social science

It is that time in the school year when one who has spent the better part of three decades teaching government takes stock of the enthusiasm students have for that topic. There is cause for concern and that concern seems to deepen noticeably with each passing year. Time was that a topic casually introduced to […] [...]

WISEMAN: The demise of the Republican party? No way

by Published: October 18,2013

Tags: Business, COLUMNS, Mississippi, Politics

Although the latest poll numbers indicate that the Republican attempt to wear the latest government shutdown like a badge of honor might not be working as planned, the obituaries for the Republican Party being recited by any number of left leaning pundits are as equally off the mark. If anything, the giddy predictions of a […] [...]

WISEMAN: And now a September to remember

by Published: September 6,2013

Tags: Congress, healthcare, Mississippi, Obamacare, Syria

Lobbyists and other government relations types who ply their trade in the nation’s capital are surely grabbing their last few moments of uninterrupted sleep for some time to come. That is because September will be a month to remember. Congress returns to town on Sept. 9th, and rarely have so many divisive issues whose solutions […] [...]

WISEMAN: The boys and girls of summer

by Published: August 23,2013

Tags: Marty Wiseman, Politics, Stennis Institute

It is August. And that means that it is time to prepare to compete. It has become a modern tradition. Each year during the month of August the intensity reaches a fever pitch. Sweat pours from the brow of those preparing to enter the fray. The coaching is intense from those who will never, themselves, […] [...]

WISEMAN: Mississippi Municipalities: Keeping hope alive

by Published: August 9,2013

Tags: Marty Wiseman, municipalities, Stennis Institute

Perhaps my favorite gatherings over the course of my professional year are those that involve the Mississippi Municipal League. This organization, commonly referred to as the “MML,” recently held its annual conference. Old acquaintances and a large influx of newly elected officials from Mississippi’s cities and towns only served to renew my respect for this […] [...]

WISEMAN: The subject of race: Once again

by Published: July 26,2013

Tags: Chokwe Lamumba, Marty Wiseman, race, Voting Rights Act

Here we are again. The recent Supreme Court holdings on the Voting Rights Act and the Texas Affirmative Action cases, the Trayvon Martin verdict, voter ID and election law changes in a number of states, the Paula Dean debacle, the election and aftermath of controversial Jackson mayor Chokwe Lamumba and suddenly the major topic of […] [...]

WISEMAN: Gay marriage, the Voting Rights Act and Mississippi

by Published: July 12,2013

Tags: gay marriage, Marty Wiseman, Voting Rights Act

For one who teaches federalism and intergovernmental relations the last round of 2013 United States Supreme Court decisions provides a virtual textbook for this fall’s classes. Among other things, the table of contents includes gay marriage and the Voting Rights act. Fascination has been building for some time over the evolution of power within the […] [...]

WISEMAN: Partisanship in municipal elections

The 2013 round of municipal elections is behind us and they provided some very interesting scenarios to be considered in greater detail. If there was a story of statewide interest in the elections it would have to be the vigorous and highly orchestrated effort of the Mississippi Republican Party to weigh in on some carefully […] [...]

WISEMAN: Taking a Memorial Day break

by Published: May 31,2013

Tags: Marty Wiseman, Memorial Day, Politics

Sadly, it appears that all of the divisiveness and disdain for one another that has become a part of our daily routine is here to stay. Our opinions on all manner of social and political issues are no longer regarded as simply the ideas of thoughtful and well meaning individuals who may simply differ from […] [...]

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