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PHIL HARDWICK — Restrictions on property use come in many forms

by Phil Hardwick Published: October 25,2013

Tags: Business, Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Stennis

The UCLA baseball team recently learned that it may not have a place to play ball, a developer in the nation’s capital is frustrated that a new building can be no more than 130 feet in height and a Mississippi homeowner discovered that he could not burn his leaves in his backyard. In each case, […] [...]

PHIL HARDWICK: Churches are changing

by Phil Hardwick Published: October 11,2013

Tags: Business, Hardwick, Mississippi, Stennis

The change is occurring in membership and in services. That, in turn, is affecting changes in the design of churches right down to the pews. The Pew Research Center (pun intended) has documented the changes going on in church membership in the United States. For the past few years of surveying, the Center has found […] [...]

HARDWICK: Your property’s history

by Phil Hardwick Published: September 27,2013

Tags: Business, John C. Stennis Institute of Government, Mississippi

If you live in an older house and are not familiar with its heritage you might want to consider becoming a house detective, so to speak. It’s fun and educational to find out about the history of your property. It takes only one trip to Europe to realize that there is no shortage of currently […] [...]

HARDWICK: Tipping still not an exact science

by Phil Hardwick Published: August 30,2013

Tags: economic development, Phil Hardwick, Stennis Institute

Tipping, a $40-billion item in the U.S. economy, is a subject about which there is no universal agreement. Although there are guidelines written about in numerous articles, it seems that the issue is getting more confusing. Some businesses have a policy against tipping. Some even say that tipping should be banned. To illustrate the wide […] [...]

HARDWICK: It’s all about the jobs

by Phil Hardwick Published: August 16,2013

Tags: economic development, jobs, Phil Bryants, Phil Hardwick

“As I said in my inaugural address, my first job is to make sure every Mississippian has a job.” — Gov. Phil Bryant State of the State Address — Jan. 24, 2012   “So we should be doing everything we can as a country to create more good jobs that pay good wages. Period.” — […] [...]

HARDWICK: Using options to assemble properties

by Phil Hardwick Published: August 2,2013


One of the biggest challenges facing economic developers and real estate developers in general is assembling a collection of small parcels of land for the purpose of offering a large site for development. One of the more common ways to accomplish that is the use of options on real estate. Options are becoming more important […] [...]

HARDWICK: Creating effective slogans, mottos and taglines

by Phil Hardwick Published: July 19,2013

Tags: advertising, marketing, Phil Hardwick, slogans, Stennis Institute

What’s in a name? Or what’s in a slogan, motto or tagline? The answer is that it is quite a lot if the goal is to increase sales or make the organization more memorable. Slogans and mottos serve to immediately describe an organization without having to go to the “About Us” or “Mission Statement” section […] [...]

HARDWICK: Making decisions close to the customer

by Phil Hardwick Published: July 5,2013

Tags: Business, customer service, Phil Hardwick, Stennis Institute

One of the biggest challenges for big business is establishing policies and procedures for employees who deal directly with customers. The best companies seem to have mastered the concept of “making decisions close to the customer.” My recent experiences with two well- known companies illustrate the challenges of how much authority an employee has when […] [...]

HARDWICK: Measuring economic development incentives not as easy as it sounds

by Phil Hardwick Published: June 7,2013

Tags: economic development, economic incentives, Phil Hardwick

Why do we measure things? Because it’s how we keep score. Whether it’s touchdowns, runs batted in, number of years married, interest on a certificate of deposit, length of a symphony or grades in schools. Measurements provide relativism. They allow us to study things, to learn, to compare and to critique. Lately there has been […] [...]

HARDWICK: Choosing the best lease as an entrepreneur

by Phil Hardwick Published: May 24,2013

Tags: lease, Phil Hardwick, real estate, retail, small business, Stennis Institute

Whether you are a one person entrepreneur or the vice president of real estate for a national retail chain it is important to understand the basics of leasing, and the more common types of leases. In general, commercial and retail leases can be classified as a gross lease, a net lease or a percentage lease. […] [...]

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