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Rebuttal for Idaho: Lazy, stupid people everywhere

by Published: April 17,2011

Tags: MBJ Letter for Editor

Editor, I have a few comments regarding the ignorant rantings of one Idaho writer: let’s start with, “ leave him to his ignorance!” I’m not always excited about the decisions that Gov. Barbour makes, but he is an EXCELLENT businessman; he knows how to hang on to money, and he has enough sense not to […] [...]

Crump probably has never been to Mississippi

Editor: RE: “Idaho writer needs a Missisippi education” (Ross ReilyColumn, April 11) … Having traveled out west several times on trips that included Idaho, I did not see one thing that would lead me to say anything derogatory about the State of Idaho or the people who live there. In fact, except for the mountains, […] [...]

Keep swipe fee reforms; it’s best for business

by Published: April 3,2011


Editor, Walton Gresham is right (“Retailer Sees Cap Delay As Another Bailout of Banks”) that the swipe fee reforms enacted in last year’s Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act are critical to a small business like mine. I own a Bops Frozen Custard, which is a high-volume, low-ticket business. Merchant service fees on every […] [...]

Kemper Plant hardly economic development

by Published: March 27,2011


Editor, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is falsely claiming that the Kemper coal project would benefit Mississippi’s economy. The truth is that ratepayers, who can ill afford higher electricity bills, are going to be stuck with up to a 48 percent increase to pay for an experiment. Mississippi Power says that the huge upfront costs […] [...]

Thanks for sticking up for Mississippi business

Editor, Your concentration on the Mississippi catfish industry, which is under assault from across the nation, is a credit to your publication. It does appear there has been a choice made between Vietnam and the United States and our U.S. leaders, including those from Mississippi, have chosen Vietnam. That is sad. Please keep the pressure […] [...]

UAW infiltration harmful to state

by Published: February 13,2011

Tags: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Mississippi Business Journal

Editor, Times are tough here in Mississippi, with an unemployment rate still above the national average. But since peaking above 12 percent in February of 2010, job creation is starting to pick up and unemployment has now dropped below 10 percent. One of the areas seeing increased job creation is our thriving auto manufacturing industry. […] [...]

IPPs want to sell for as much as possible

by Published: November 7,2010

Tags: letter to the editor

Editor, In the recent article on electric utility audits (“Mississippi PSC selects companies to perform electric utility audits” 10/31/2010), the reporter wrote, “In instances where an outside source, such as Independent Power Producer (IPP), can generate cheaper power, utilities are required to buy that electricity.” Typically, electric utilities are held to standards to provide customers […] [...]

Utilities shouldn’t be allowed to donate ratepayers’ money

by Published: October 24,2010


Editor, The MBJ story on utility company donations caught my eye (Oct. 4, 2010 issue). I have long felt that utility companies should not be allowed to donate ratepayers’ money to charities since utilities are monopolies. It’s totally different if a private company chooses to donate funds to charity since, in fact, the owners are […] [...]

Entergy, Miss. Power make a stronger state

by Published: October 17,2010


Editor, I am writing in response to your article “It’s Legal in Some States” in your October 3rd issue regarding community support by energy companies, specifically Entergy and Mississippi Power. Energy companies are regulated and limited to how much profit they can make so it isn’t as if they can base their giving back to […] [...]

Consumers deserve protection

by Published: October 10,2010

Tags: Carol B. Penick, LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

On Oct. 3, 2010, Mississippi Business Journal editorial (“Payday loans won’t go away”) described payday lending as a “scheme.” Well, we would agree. But we would also describe these loans as “predatory” and “debt traps.” And the Women’s Fund of Mississippi is not alone in our disdain for payday lending. In 2006, the Department of […] [...]

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