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Payday perception not reality

The payday lending industry has a perception problem. As a payday lender myself, I realize that there are people in the community where I live and work who believe payday loans are a last resort financial option used only by the desperate. The people who think this have never taken out a payday loan. They […] [...]

Garbage from ‘left’ rag

by Published: October 3,2010

Tags: MBJ letter to the editor

Editor, Almost two years into Nobama term and it’s still Bush’s fault  (Poll: Republicans more unpopular than Democrats, 09/24/10)!???  … Why should I or my wife and son excel, produce, study hard and work only to provide for those who languish and beg for handouts and fail to achieve yet be guaranteed by this prezz […] [...]

Tired of lazy Democrats

by Published: October 3,2010

Tags: MBJ letter to the editor

Editor, I loved the part of this article (Poll: Republicans more unpopular than Democrats, 09/24/10) that states Democrats are worried the GOP-run Congress would return the country to the days of government shutdowns and attempts to privatize Social Security. I hope they do! That was why this country was founded. To limit government. To have […] [...]

MBJ should keep digging

by Published: September 26,2010


In the Kemper hearings, the Sierra Club’s counsel, Robert Wiygul, argued that the rate hike that would result from the Kemper plant should not be withheld from the public. But he did not prevail. Sadly, we were almost on the road to avoiding a 45-square-mile strip mine of the headwaters of the Pascagoula and a […] [...]

Solar energy is not as expensive as you think

by Published: September 5,2010

Tags: letter to the editor, solar energy

Editor, In response to your story about lawmakers skepticism of solar energy (08/30/2010), many people think that installing a solar panel will cost too much money, but in reality, materials are relatively inexpensive and can be found easily. You’re going to have to get equipment for the solar panel, which is difficult. Some elements will […] [...]

Choice of hospitals is best for Madison County

by Published: August 29,2010


Editor, I want a choice. I have been following the CON for several months. I have moved here from Tennessee and watched the same thing transpire in Memphis, Germantown, Collierville and Olive Branch, Miss. The main thing I can say is competition is good.  It will make HMA step up to the plate and perform […] [...]

What’s good for the alien is good for the employer

by Published: August 15,2010

Tags: immigration laws, State Sen. Lee Yancy

Editor, If (State Sen. Lee Yancy) is so gung-ho about about immigration laws being “a matter of national security and public safety” and wants legislation “similar to the Arizona law combating illegal immigration,” how does he feel about punishing corporations like Howard Industries for hiring illegal aliens? Some of these Mississippi lawmakers are such hippocrits […] [...]

No CON for St. Dominic

by Published: August 15,2010

Tags: St. Dominic

Editor, No to St Dominic. They under-staff nurses, and watch out when you get close to being vested — they will find a way to get rid of you and then report you to the nursing board for a paper error it has nothing to do with the care of patients. I am not a […] [...]

Madison needs hospital

by Published: August 15,2010

Tags: Madison, St. Dominic

Editor, Oh, give me a break! Madison needs a new hospital like St. Dominic! Bill Worthy Madison [...]

Country tortoise leads the condescending hares

by Published: August 8,2010

Tags: Haley Barbour, letters to editor

Editor, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is a rarity into today’s political world of media breathlessness and partisan blindness. He’s the countrified tortoise leading a pack of condescending hares. Barbour has been the adult in the crowd from Day One of the Gulf oil spill. All along he’s called for restraint in both media words and […] [...]

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