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MBJ making a mountain out of a molehill

by Published: August 1,2010

Tags: butch brown, MBJ letter to the editor

Editor, If reference to your stories about MDOT chief Butch Brown, who was recently arrested for public drunk at a casino in Biloxi, why should someone be arrested for simply falling asleep? Why would it be in the best interest of a casino to want someone arrested for simply falling asleep? And, by the way, […] [...]

Nevada man: Casinos are bad for business

by Published: July 18,2010

Tags: casinos, letter to the editor

Editor, It is a bad bet for local communities such as the one in Jones County, Miss., and states to rely on gaming to pay their bureaucrats’ salaries and budget deficits. I know, because I live in Nevada. Casinos can prove to be a net financial and motivational loss to communities; gambling losses do not […] [...]

Rebel haters really just hatin’ on college football

by Published: July 11,2010

Tags: College Football, national championship, Ole Miss

Editor, In regard to your column (July 5) about college football and whether Ole Miss legitimately won three national championships, it should be noted that as Mississippians, we should all be proud of the accomplishments everyone has made. It’s OK to be a fan of one team or another, but to be so petty as […] [...]

MBJ is off base when it comes to IPP highway

Editor, In your recent article, “Entergy agrees to give up control,” writer Amy McCullough states that some officials “believe that Entergy has neglected transmission system improvements and purposefully engaged in keeping IPPs off its energy transportation highway.”   What is left out of this point is that, in general, the independent power producers (IPPs) cannot […] [...]

Writer: David Waide has short-term memory loss

Editor, I read with interest the article on David Waide, the current president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau, and the bill for eminent domain in the June 14 issue.  In there, Mr. Waide states, “I don’t remember an issue that’s ever been like this.  I think this has galvanized everybody.”  Mr. Waide must certainly remember […] [...]

Government should stay out of oil recovery

by Published: June 20,2010

Tags: BP, Letter to Editor, Oil

Editor, I understand all the anger and devastation this oil spill has brought. But if the government “seizes” BP, it will then be the taxpayers who have to pay. Leave it to BP, which knows as much as anybody about deep-water drilling, to fix this. I’m afraid if the government seizes yet another industry, it […] [...]

Sardis project should get the go-ahead

by Published: June 14,2010

Tags: Letter to Editor, Sardis Lake

Editor, Sardis Lake is one of four reservoirs built in Northeast Mississippi as a flood control mechanism. And it will continue to do just that. There should be no worries as to flooding the Delta with all the runoff systems in place along with the endless efforts and man hours the corps of engineers have […] [...]

IPPs have no interest in helping Mississippians

Editor, I’ve read with interest your paper’s recent coverage of Mississippi Power Company’s IGCC plant and the Entergy E-RSC meetings. As a former Mississippi Public Service Commissioner privileged to have served the state and the people of Mississippi for more than 30 years, I believe the articles have done a disservice to your readers, utility […] [...]

Kemper plant should be reconsidered

by Published: May 16,2010

Tags: Kemper, MBJ letter to the editor

Editor, As a businessman in South Mississippi, I feel the need to explain why the recent decision of the Public Service Commission on the Kemper County generating plant makes it impossible for Mississippi Power to finance and construct the plant. I hesitated to come forward because I am a member of the Mississippi Power Company […] [...]

IPPs should have to share the cost burdens

by Published: May 9,2010


Editor, Your April 29 article, “Four states discuss Entergy’s power purchasing practices,” brought up a good point about how electricity is supplied. Charles Long with Entergy stated that the problem between utility companies and independent power producers (IPPs) is that although IPPs pay a fee to transport electricity on the utility’s transmission system, they do […] [...]

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