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Building America means slowing down

by Published: April 25,2010

Tags: Letter to Editor

Editor, With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 creating new road construction and maintenance projects, as well as an aging infrastructure in desperate need of repair and expansion, work zones are beginning to appear all across this country. National Work Zone Awareness Week 2010, April 19-23, provides a good opportunity to think about […] [...]

Charging for efficiency isn’t a good business model

Editor, I am puzzled by the recent article (“Charging for energy efficiency?”) that reported the Mississippi Public Service Commission is looking at ways to get “Mississippi’s regulated utilities — Entergy Mississippi and Mississippi Power Company — to implement robust energy-efficiency measures.” I think everyone can agree that energy efficiency is a positive thing, particularly here […] [...]

Healthcare backlash confusing to reader

by Published: April 11,2010

Tags: backlash, healthcare

Editor, I don’t understand why there has been such a rabid protest against requiring people to pay for health insurance. Haley Barbour is going to sue someone, not sure how that works, under the premise that requiring people to pay for health insurance is unconstitutional. Would it not be unconstitutional that someone can be fined […] [...]

Leadership help bring business to Mississippi

Editor, One of the primary reasons that a company based in California is willing to locate a major manufacturing facility in Mississippi is the fact that our state leadership have been stalwarts in controlling costs and reigning in budgets. Our situation is far more stable and optimistic than virtually any other state in the region […] [...]

Use solar panel business as impetus for more

by Published: April 11,2010

Tags: Creeks Technologies, solar panels

Editor, I read about Creeks Technologies, a venture-backed solar technology company, locating a solar panel manufacturing facility in Senatobia. The production facility, according to your story, will create 512 jobs, in two phases, over the next five years and represents a company investment of more than $175 million. This is a quantum leap for our […] [...]

Jackson should step up for Downtown Riverwalk

by Published: April 4,2010

Tags: Bill Sims, Letter to Editor, MBJ, Riverwalk

Editor, Thank you for your story on the downtown river project last week. We need for our leaders in Jackson to step up, as you say, to the plate to take care of our business for the next 30 years. If we keep working hand to mouth nothing will happen. Jackson leaders, I hope will […] [...]

The gun owners I know do not cause me fear

by Published: March 28,2010

Tags: gun rights, guns, handgun permit holders, Letter to Editor

Editor, Your response to Sen. Merle Flowers proposed bill has little to do with being anti-business and nothing whatsoever to affecting or not affecting a recession.  The anti-gun rhetoric from the left is the same worn excuse it has always been.  Somehow an in-animate object is magically going to be a threat to society and […] [...]

Us fatsos have it coming very soon

by Published: March 14,2010

Tags: healthcare plan, letter to the editor, MBJ

Editor, I fear that we fat people are going to be vilified. In an effort to get the national health plan passed, the public will be told that fat people are the major cause of high medical costs in this country. There are some who are convinced that diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, warts, etc., are […] [...]

Story doesn’t reflect banking perspective

by Published: February 28,2010

Tags: credit unions, letter to the editor

Editor, I am writing in response to your Feb. 22 article (“Bye-bye Banks? Credit Unions Are the Hot Thing”) that contends that credit unions offer consumers a distinct advantage over banks. This article does not contain any comment from the banking industry. I write on behalf of Mississippi’s banks to provide important facts (not included […] [...]

Nuclear loan guarantees important to U.S. future

by Published: February 28,2010

Tags: Mississippi, nuclear power

Editor, With the recent loan guarantees to spur the construction of new nuclear plants in the U.S., the nation has taken a strong step forward a secure our energy future (”Southern Co. to get federal loan for reactors,” Feb. 16). New nuclear plants can and should be a growing and important part of our nation’s […] [...]

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