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We must look beyond the Toyota headlines

by Published: February 21,2010

Tags: Blake Wilson, MEC, Toyota

Editor, Mississippi is often characterized as a whole by a single negative statistic that generates a convenient headline. As little effort is made to look at the whole picture, our state and our people are often mischaracterized by those who don’t know us. As a native of Delaware, when I first announced to friends I […] [...]

MBJ fair in coverage of O’Neill controversy

by Published: February 14,2010

Tags: Duane O'Neill, salary controversy

Editor, Last week’s article on the compensation package for Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership’s president and CEO Duane O’Neill seemed very fair.  His salary is comparable to other regional counterparts and reflects professionalism necessary to manage a six-county, multi-million economic development organization and insurance network. And since part of his compensation package is performance based, we […] [...]

O’Neill’s benefit to area med facilities is priceless

by Published: February 14,2010

Tags: Duane O'Neill, health care, Katrina, UMMC

Editor, The Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership (GJCP) serves the entire region in the very vital role of economic development. As one of the largest economic engines in the State of Mississippi, the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) needs this partnership to grow and meet the health care needs of Mississippi, now and in the […] [...]


by Published: December 21,2009


Editor, This is a crucial time for the American people. Congress will soon decide if America should continue down the recent path of larger government, increased taxes and the elimination of personal responsibility. We have a one-sided debate on healthcare that does not even begin to focus on the real problems and completely discounts the […] [...]

MBJ should be ashamed

by Published: November 30,2009

Tags: Chris Evans, letters to editor, MBJ

Editor, I am not sure why the Mississippi Business Journal keeps picking on Charles and Chris Evans. The liberal media loves to find small business owners around the country and put them in tough situations just so you can exploit them for your own gains. Conservative America understands what is going on and movements like […] [...]

HBCUs taking the brunt of cuts

by Published: November 23,2009


Editor, I think this idea (of merging Alcorn State University and Mississippi Valley State University with Jackson State University) is utterly ridiculous! If the budget needs adjusting, then why not start with some other colleges rather than the only three African-American colleges in the state. This suggested $35 million in savings in nothing compared to […] [...]

Party affiliation means something

by Published: November 16,2009

Tags: Democrat, republican, Simpson County

Editor, I guess I miss your point (regarding Ross Reily’s blog last week on Simpson County officials changing party affiliation). Do you believe that every Republican or Democrat in the state who is a county official should run as an independent? You don’t think local officials differ on issues of taxes, voter ID, the role […] [...]

Taxing sodas column misses the big picture

by Published: October 26,2009


Editor: The column surrounding taxing soda and trans-fat spotlights an ineffective approach to fighting obesity and its health-related illnesses. The idea of a tax takes the attention from where we should be focusing, which is educating consumers on healthy consumption and promoting physical activity.   By focusing on sole items, we are missing the bigger […] [...]

TVA technology will be beneficial for country

by Published: October 19,2009


Editor: As reported in your Oct. 7 article (“TVA to share technology”), the Tennessee Valley Authority’s decision to offer its computer system to other electric utilities will benefit utilities and ratepayers alike.  The cutting edge system is designed to gather information on the power grid and continually monitor its “health,” which can assist utility companies […] [...]

Hold on to your wallet

by Published: October 12,2009


Editor: For thousands of Mississippians and millions across the country, healthcare is about to get more expensive.  The Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Max Baucus, D-Montana, has authored a bill, that will pay for healthcare reform by taxing current benefits used by millions to offset the cost of their health care. This bill is not […] [...]

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