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Here’s a look at the opulence of first-class travel in the 1920s

by Published: January 4,2013

Tags: Crossing on the Paris, Dana Gynther, Lynn Lofton

While “Crossing On the Paris” is certainly not great literature, it is an entertaining and charming read. It flows, is easy to read and won’t send you scurrying to look up any big words. What I liked about it is the glimpse into life aboard a huge ocean liner during the Golden Age of trans-Atlantic […] [...]

New book honors the life and work of enigmatic author Barry Hannah

by Published: December 28,2012


“A Short Ride: Remembering Barry Hannah” is a book of essays recalling the life and work of the enigmatic author. It’s a collection of 39 short essays by fellow writers, artists, acquaintances, admirers, friends and even once-enemies of Barry Hannah and covers a spectrum of viewpoints on the extraordinary writer and man he was. Unfortunately, […] [...]

Stanford professor knows how to procrastinate without guilt

by Published: December 17,2012

Tags: John Perry, procrastination, The Art of Procrastination

Here is a book many of us can love. You can even put off reading it without feeling guilty. In fact, I delayed giving the full long title of this little gem: it’s “The Art of Procrastination: A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing. Lollygagging?” What a lovely old-fashioned word, but those who lollygag […] [...]

Stuart’s photography book provides insight into southern life and country music

by Published: December 7,2012

Tags: Choctaw Gardens, country music, Hilda Stuart

As gift-giving time rapidly approaches, it’s good to know about the latest books of Mississippi writers and photographers. These books are welcome gifts, and one that’s sure to please is “Choctaw Gardens” by Hilda Stuart, mother of country music star Marty Stuart. Hilda Stuart began compiling her photographic work at age 16. The images in […] [...]

Dressmaking, Spanish Civil War all rolled into one international bestseller

by Published: November 30,2012

Tags: Maria Dulnas, Mario Vargas Llosa, The Time in Between

Quite simply put: “The Time in Between” is a very good read — all 609 pages of it. The story is interesting and compelling and the type is a decent size, making for an easy read. The story of Sira Quiroga spans the years of the Spanish Civil War and World War II. The settings […] [...]

Literary bar opens in New Orleans French Quarter

Listen up book lovers who like to visit New Orleans. Here’s an idea whose time has come. This city of notable bars now has one for readers and it pays homage to literary tradition and history. It’s Backspace Bar & Kitchen, which opened Nov. 9, and is located at 139 Chartres in the French Quarter […] [...]

John Grisham does it again with tale of disbarred lawyer

by Published: November 2,2012

Tags: Doubleday, John Grisham, The Racketeer

The many fans of John Grisham are surely excited with the October release of his latest novel. Since his breakout novel “The Firm,” this Mississippian has produced many popular books and been a fixture on national bestseller lists — not to mention the movie versions of his books that have helped make him a household […] [...]

Author uncovers long lost dark family secret

With so many compelling – and sometimes harrowing – stories in Mississippi, it is proven over and over that truth really is stranger than fiction. Delving into dark family mysteries is not for the faint of heart, but Molly Walling tackles it full-on with this story of a closely held, 60-year-old family secret. It undoubtedly […] [...]

Looking at Kirk Fordice in a way we’ve never seen before

It’s always good to promote a Mississippi author writing about a Mississippi subject in a book published by a Mississippi publisher. We End in Joy is a personal memoir of the late Gov. Kirk Fordice by his only daughter, Angela Fordice Jordan. I must say I didn’t know the Fordices had a daughter. Somehow learning […] [...]

Reed brings to life the French Quarter during Faulkner’s residency

by Published: October 15,2012

Tags: Dixie Bohemia, French Quarter, New Orleans, William Faulkner

There are a wealth of books written about New Orleans and/or set in that quirky, historical city that hugs the Mississippi River. Even with a plethora of Crescent City literature, it’s doubtful we’ll run out of material for books any time soon. It’s a unique place among American cities and the interesting stories are certain […] [...]

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