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WILLOUGHBY: Growing leadership — Arthur DuCote learns to lead

by Martin Willoughby Published: March 28,2014

Tags: Business, Butler Snow, column, Mississippi

The older I get and the more I study great leaders,I am convinced that to be an effective leader you have to master yourself. Being able to control what goes on between your ears can be a lifetime battle. Greek philosopher Plato once said, “The first and best victory is to conquer self.” In my […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY — Heart of the matter: Dr. Robert Skinner seizes opportunity

by Martin Willoughby Published: January 31,2014

Tags: Business, Butler Snow, healthcare, Martin Willoughby, Mississippi

One of my favorite concepts from bestselling business author Jim Collins is to “confront the brutal facts.” Collins explains how great leaders are not afraid to face the facts and deal with them head on. With that in mind, I note a few brutal facts about cardiovascular disease in the state of Mississippi. It is […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Lynn Fitch a leader on the move

by Martin Willoughby Published: January 10,2014

Tags: Business, Mississippi, Politics, women, women in business

T ommy Newberry, a leading success coach based in Atlanta, wrote a very insightful book entitled Success is Not an Accident: Change Your Choices Change Your Life. Newberry began writing the book as a letter to his son to share the principles of success he believed in, and then he morphed this document into a […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY — Manning has business in his veins

by Martin Willoughby Published: January 10,2014

Tags: Business, clinics, healthcare, Mississippi

A s we enter adulthood and get on our career paths, we don’t often take time to reflect on our choices and trajectory in life. I analogize it to being in a river with a strong current. We can get swept along in a career without really stopping to consider if it is the path […] [...]

MARTIN WILLOUGHBY — Baldwin gets it: CEO says leadership is about people

by Martin Willoughby Published: December 20,2013

Tags: Business, leadership, Mississippi

Leadership guru Dr. John Kotter noted in a recent Harvard Business Review article about the distinction between management and leadership, “The confusion around these two terms is massive, and that misunderstanding gets in the way of any reasonable discussion about how to build a company, position it for success and win in the twenty-first century.” […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Authentic leader — Cossitt stresses need to ‘be yourself’

by Martin Willoughby Published: December 13,2013

Tags: Business, column, finance, law, Mississippi

My friend and mentor Dr. Carl Hicks likes to say, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” He shares this to encourage his coaching clients to live authentic lives – not to chase someone else’s dream. As I have studied the lives of great leaders, I have found that they express their leadership in their […] [...]

MAN OF STEEL: Madhu Ranade leading Severstal Columbus

by Martin Willoughby Published: December 6,2013

Tags: Business, Columbus, Golden Triangle, Mississippi, Severstal

One of the largest development projects in Mississippi in recent years has been the Severstal steel plant in Columbus. This innovative “mini-mill” recycles steel for use in the auto industry and many other applications. Between the phase one project (completed in 2007) and phase two (completed in 2011), over $1.4 billion has been invested in […] [...]

CREATING SUCCESS — Pickering keeps grows Musee Bath while keeping an eye on the community

by Martin Willoughby Published: November 29,2013

Tags: Business, Mississippi, Pickering, Senate

In 2001, John Howkins in his book The Creative Economy helped bring to the public’s attention a new global movement. He notes, “New ideas, not money or machinery, are the source of success today, and the greatest source of personal satisfaction, too. The creative economy is revitalizing manufacturing, services, retailing and entertainment industries. It is […] [...]

’The document’: Crunk spells out his vision for the future of R.J. Young

by Alan Turner Published: July 5,2013


For Chip Crunk, president and CEO of R.J. Young, it’s all about the “document.” In a recent meeting with Crunk, we discussed how R.J. Young has evolved as a company through its 58-year history. “We are focused on the management, utilization, support and security of documents,” he said. “Even though we live in an increasingly […] [...]

Entrepreneurs Corner: Vocational education a large part of construction business

by Alan Turner Published: February 27,2011

Tags: Buddy Edens, Mississippi Associated Builders and Contractors

MABC’s Edens says four-year university isn’t for everyone Very few people in the Magnolia State would quibble over the importance of education to the state’s future well-being, progress and prosperity.  As we all know, Mississippi gets too much negative press around the United States when it comes to education. Generally, when it comes to a […] [...]

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