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Current tort damages cap statute likely to remain as-is

by Clay Chandler Published: September 2,2012

Tags: judiciary, Mark Baker, Mississippi Supreme Court, tort reform

The Mississippi Supreme Court declined in late August to say whether the state’s $1 million cap on noneconomic damages in civil cases is constitutional. If and when the court takes up the matter in the future, justices will most likely be examining the same law then as they did recently. The current law is sound […] [...]

Last minute tax advice for 2012

by Becky Gillette Published: April 15,2012

Tags: dividends, IRS, tax penalties, taxes, wages

So it is tax day, this year on April 17 due to a Monday Emancipation Day holiday on April 16. But you haven’t filed a return, or asked for an extension. If you have asked for an extension, you might not have paid the estimated taxes due. Any of those things could bode badly for […] [...]

Profile: Paul Calhoun, Haddox Reid Burkes & Calhoun CPA’s

Paul Calhoun is happy being a CPA and serving as managing partner of the Haddox Reid Burkes & Calhoun firm, but he can also imagine himself being content working as a mechanic on small engines. Maybe that’s why he enjoys riding motorcycles during leisure time. “People might be surprised to learn that about me,” he […] [...]

Job outlook optimistic for law graduates

How does the job market look for this year’s law graduates? Officials with the states two law schools, Mississippi College School of Law and the University of Mississippi School of Law, are optimistic about the outlook. “Considering the number of calls we have recently received from firms seeking full-time employees, I think the prospects for […] [...]

Deans report brisk demand for new accounting grads

by Becky Gillette Published: April 15,2012

Tags: accounting school, CPA, dean, economic forecast, jobs outlook, labor market

If you are looking for evidence that the economy is improving, then the job market for new accounting graduates in Mississippi might be a good indicator. Deans of accounting at the state’s top three universities say that the job market for accounting graduates has improved—indicating that businesses that use accounting services are recovering from the […] [...]

BP avoids trial, agrees to pay $7.8B Gulf oil spill claims

BP will pay an estimated $7.8 billion to settle a lawsuit over the massive 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill with attorneys representing thousands of individual plaintiffs and businesses on the eve of a major trial in a New Orleans federal court, the company said Friday night. The Washington Post reported the settlement does not […] [...]

In the middle of long lineage of CPAs

Despite good salaries and job prospects in the field, sometimes college students are less than keen about going into the field of accounting. It might not be seen as exciting as some other career choices. But Mississippi State University accounting director Dr. Jim Scheiner sees it differently. “My father was a CPA and I saw […] [...]

Hornsby has been in law for 66 years with no end in sight

by Lynn Lofton Published: November 20,2011

Tags: attorneys, BILOXI, Clare Sekul Hornsby, law, Sekul Hornsby & Tisdale

It’s no exaggeration to call Clare Sekul Hornsby a legend in her own time. The lively Biloxi attorney has been practicing law 66 years and continues a full daily schedule as president of the Sekul, Hornsby & Tisdale firm. “I have no reason to cut back,” she said. “I love the law, and I’m grateful […] [...]

Being right brain/left brain has advantages for Jackson firm GranthamPoole’s Melanie Eubanks

by Lynn Lofton Published: September 18,2011

Tags: accounting, CPAs, law, Melanie Eubanks

Although she describes herself as one of those individuals who’s both left brain and right brain, Melanie Morrow Eubanks never considered following any career other than accounting. A certified public accountant, she’s been with the Jackson firm of GranthamPoole since 2005. “I took an accounting class in high school and fell in love with the […] [...]

Accounting for stimulus funding

by Wally Northway Published: May 29,2011

Tags: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, ARRA, construction, HORNE LLP, Jeff Aucoin

For the construction industry, funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has been a much-needed boost to their bottom line. Mississippi roadbuilders alone have been granted approximately $248 million, roughly equal to a year’s worth of state appropriations for road work. However, in order to take advantage of ARRA funding, contractors must meet […] [...]

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