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BOOK BIZ: WW II female spy’s true story is better than fiction

by Lynn Lofton Published: August 9,2013

Tags: Christinie Granville, Clare Mulley, Lynn Lofton, The Spy Who Loved

Over and over we’re reminded that truth is often stranger than fiction; many times more interesting, too. This book could be fictitious but it isn’t. Female spies were prevalent in World War II and by numerous accounts performed admirably. Christine Granville is credited with being Winston Churchill’s favorite spy, and a highly decorated one. The […] [...]

BOOK BIZ: “Red Azalea” candidly describes living in Mao’s China

by Lynn Lofton Published: July 19,2013

Tags: Anchee Min, Knopf Doubleday, Red Azalea

When asked if she has any hobbies, Kim Compton answers without hesitation that she has an addiction to books. I must say I’ve never heard a love of reading expressed that way, but I sure like it. That’s why book recommendations from Compton are taken seriously. Compton, economic development director for the Hancock County Port […] [...]

BOOK BIZ: Intrigue, code breaking, mystery at No. 10 Downing Street

by Lynn Lofton Published: May 10,2013


Mr. Churchill’s Secretary is a work of fiction, but there are enough historical figures and facts to make it authentic. It’s a blend of fact and fiction. The author researched many sources, including journals and other accounts written by real people who worked on Winston Churchill’s staff during the turbulent days of World War II. […] [...]

If you could have only 10 books on your shelf, what would they be?

by Lynn Lofton Published: March 8,2013

Tags: Eats Shoots & Leaves, Harriet the Spy, Louise Fitzhugh, Lynne Truss

What are your favorite books? The ones you will always have on your bookshelf and that define who you are? Those are agonizing question for book lovers to answer. How to choose from a vast array of books that have touched our lives in various ways and at different stages of life? My Ideal Bookshelf […] [...]

Occupied Paris full of adventure for American woman

by Lynn Lofton Published: February 15,2013

Tags: French Resistance, Paris, Portugal, war, World War II

“The Last Time I Saw Paris” by Lynn Sheene It’s difficult to imagine that anyone in 1940 — even a Manhattan socialite — could have been unaware that German forces had moved into Paris. However, those were the days without instant news at everyone’s finger tips. As improbable as it may be, it makes a […] [...]

Amaze friends with fun facts about Mississippi

by Lynn Lofton Published: February 8,2013

Tags: 501 Facts about Mississippi, Civil War, D.K. White, Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, trivia

You would not want to get into an argument or game about Mississippi trivia with D.K. White. The Jackson writer and collector of trivial facts would surely win. His lifelong hobby of researching and collecting obscure facts was published last October in a slim 96-page volume with a name almost longer than the book. For […] [...]

Prize-winning investigative reporter’s memoir released this month

by Lynn Lofton Published: January 31,2013

Tags: Jack Nelson, Scoop, The Race Beat

“Scoop” is another fine example of a Mississippi publishing house presenting a book written by and about an outstanding Mississippian. It’s Jack Nelson’s memoir and was edited after his death by Matusow, his wife of 35 years. She will be at the 20th-annual Oxford Conference for the Book March 22. Nelson died in 2009 at […] [...]

N.C. mountains are the main characters of Thirteen Moons

by Lynn Lofton Published: January 25,2013

Tags: Charles Frazier, Lynn Lofton, Thirteen Moons

Although we mostly feature newly released books in Book Biz, that’s not a requirement for a mention here. I sometimes go to my bookshelves in search of something to read and discover a book I’ve previously passed over for one reason or another. If I enjoy it, I wonder why I didn’t read it sooner. […] [...]

Picks and pans for 2012

by Lynn Lofton Published: January 11,2013

Tags: books, Maria Duenas, New Orleans, Time in Between

As we roar full speed into the New Year, it’s time to look back at Book Biz’s picks and pans for 2012. The column shined the spotlight on a wide array of books, including fiction, non fiction, photography, a cookbook and books by Mississippians and about Mississippians. We’re pleased to present a variety of books […] [...]

Here’s a look at the opulence of first-class travel in the 1920s

by Lynn Lofton Published: January 4,2013

Tags: Crossing on the Paris, Dana Gynther, Lynn Lofton

While “Crossing On the Paris” is certainly not great literature, it is an entertaining and charming read. It flows, is easy to read and won’t send you scurrying to look up any big words. What I liked about it is the glimpse into life aboard a huge ocean liner during the Golden Age of trans-Atlantic […] [...]

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