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Cancer survivor: Pay attention to your health

by Published: August 21,2011

Tags: Book Biz, Cancer Sucks, David Yates

The title says it all, “Cancer Sucks.” In this book to be published Aug. 23, Ventura, Calif., resident David Yates describes his journey through not one but three bouts with this dreaded illness. Is there anyone whose life has not been touched by the Big C? If not directly, we’ve encountered it through the lives […] [...]

Book outlines ways to reach better manager/employee relationships

Employers and managers wanting to run a successful operation know the secret is to bring out the best in their employees. Lisa Giruzzi’s new book, Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees, provides help for better communication between managers and employees. Giruzzi has more than 25 years experience in helping people be more successful through […] [...]

Socrates and his society come to life in The Hemlock Cup

by Published: August 7,2011

Tags: Bettany Hughes, Book Biz, The Hemlock Cup

How do we examine the life of the man who told us the unexamined life is not worth living? British historian, author and broadcaster Bettany Hughes does just that by bringing to life the social, political, economic, literary and military realities of Socrates’ society. “I mainly did it by describing the sights, sounds, mores and […] [...]

Southern writer appears in book that tries to define ‘a life well lived’

Northeasterner Ann Napolitano did not set out to write about one of our most cherished writers, Flannery O’Connor, and was surprised when O’Connor showed up as a character “out of the blue – creatively speaking.” Napolitano is intrigued with the concept of a “well-lived life,” and that is a central theme of “A Good Hard […] [...]

Book details sensational Laurel murder of 1935

In Mississippi we do like murder mysteries, and we like scandals, especially when they’re true. Hunter Cole’s book, The Legs Murder Scandal, is billed as ‘the engaging story of Mississippi’s Lizzie Borden and the sensational matricide that mystified the nation.’ If that doesn’t intrigue you, read on. In Laurel, in 1935, a daughter in a […] [...]

Book attempts to solve mystery of who killed the movies

by Published: July 17,2011

Tags: Book Biz, Square Books, Walking to Hollywood, Will Self

It’s difficult to classify the works of British novelist and journalist Will Self. He explores the vanities of modern life and takes no prisoners. His latest, “Walking to Hollywood,” is no exception. The book jacket announces that the tale is a “trip through the unreality of our culture.” It provides a satirical view of Hollywood, […] [...]

Delta life and spirit illustrated with art and essays in Norris book

This lavishly illustrated book is a retrospective of an inspirational, self-taught artist from the Mississippi Delta, Carolyn Norris. It includes a biographical essay by Dorothy Shawhan plus essays by Patti Carr Black and Tom Rankin. Laura Weeks, owner of Lorelei Books in Vicksburg, recently hosted a signing event for the artist and author. Weeks was […] [...]

Lofton offers testosterone, or lack thereof, as great Buffett trading secret

How has Warren Buffett created the largest and greatest investment portfolio in human history? By mastering his temperament and “trading like a girl.” So argues Motley Fool writer and Mississippi native Louann Lofton in her new book “Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl.” In October 2008, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average began to nose […] [...]

Supreme Court Justice’s novel proves you can go home again

by Published: June 26,2011

Tags: Bay Books, Book Biz, Randy Pierce, “Pain Unforgiven”

Although he vows never to return to Greene County, Grant Hicks, the protagonist of “Pain Unforgiven” does just that in this novel of self discovery and forgiveness. Hicks is a 37-year-old partner in an Atlanta law firm who has managed to escape the painful memories of his hometown. An unexpected phone call lures him back […] [...]

Ole Miss professor explores Southern spirit in new book

From the photo of people in exuberant worship on the book’s cover, it’s clear Charles Reagan Wilson is taking a vigorous view of the Southern spirit. In his book he explores its meaning, including religious ecstasy and celebrations of regional character and distinctiveness. As the Kelly Gene Cook Sr., Chair in History and professor of […] [...]

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