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BOOK BIZ — When it comes to money, your brain may be your worst enemy

by For the MBJ Published: February 7,2014

Tags: books, Business, column, Louann Lofton, Mississippi, Warren Buffett

Thinking back to our high school or college economics classes, most of us probably learned that when it comes to making economic decisions, humans can be trusted to act rationally. We carefully weigh available information, think through the probabilities, and make our decisions based strictly on cold, hard logic. The truth, as it turns out, […] [...]

TODD SMITH’S Spin Cycle — All The News … Best Stories of 2013 in the New York Times

by For the MBJ Published: February 7,2014

Tags: Business, column, Mad Genius, Mississippi, public relations, social media

The New York Times has announced its list of most-visited stories of 2013. Call it the modern version of “All the News That’s Fit to Print!” Categories include the most popular articles and blog posts, multimedia and interactives, and videos throughout, the news outlet’s mobile site and its iOS apps. The most visited of […] [...]

THE SPIN CYCLE with Todd Smith: Ads take center stage for Super Bowl XLVIII

by For the MBJ Published: January 31,2014

Tags: Axe, Bud Light, Business, Cheerios, column, Mississippi, public relations, Super Bowl, super bowl ads, Todd Smith

The greatest game of the year is set to kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m not talking Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks. Yes, it’s the biggest sports event of 2014, and everyone across the globe – including The Spin Cycle – will be dialed-in to see the epic battle between the NFL’s best offense (The […] [...]

Todd Smith’s ‘The Spin Cycle’ — The Brand Is King

by Ross Reily Published: January 24,2014

Tags: Business, column, Mississippi, Todd Smith, Top Brands

In today’s connected society, branding is much more than a campaign. It’s greater than a slick logo and cool color scheme. It’s a way of life. It’s a promise. It’s awareness. It’s an identity. It’s a differentiator. It’s iconic. In a nod to its old West heritage, it’s a lasting impression seared into our collective […] [...]

ALAN TURNER: Healthcare taking a toll on business

by Alan Turner Published: January 17,2014

Tags: Business, column, healthcare, Mississippi

T he ongoing level of turmoil in the health care world is beginning to take a toll on business in Mississippi, and throughout the United States. The primary culprit in this scenario appears to be anxiety, i.e., a general fear and uncertainty about the long-term impact on businesses and employees. From a business point of […] [...]

IKE TROTTER — Personal financial statements can have value

by Ike Trotter Published: January 17,2014

Tags: banking, column, finance, Greenville, Mississippi

Many times in the introductory stages of financial planning, it is necessary for advisers to know about the background of the individual or family for purposes of making suitable recommendations. In most instances, information provided from a tax return can be an invaluable tool for assessing the financial makeup of a person or family. However, […] [...]

PHIL HARDWICK — Nature Tourism, The Hike Inn way

by Phil Hardwick Published: January 16,2014

Tags: Appalachian Trail, Business, column, Georgia, Hike Inn, hiking, Mississippi

Although now may be the dead of winter in Mississippi, it might be a good time to consider booking a springtime hiking trip to the Hike Inn, an environmentally oriented destination in the scenic Chattahoochee National Forest in north Georgia. A visit to the Hike Inn is an invigorating, educating and relaxing experience as my […] [...]

TODD SMITH’S SPIN CYCLE — Get your social on in 2014

by For the MBJ Published: January 10,2014

Tags: Business, column, Deane Smith & Partners, Mississippi, public relations, Todd Smith

» Pithy PRognostications from a recovering journalist Social has certainly invaded the C-suite, as company leaders have embraced and harnessed the power of social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube – and many more – as they seek to advance their brand to an increasingly dexterous, mobile and nimble public. Let’s face it, in […] [...]

TED CARTER: Digital daredevils bringing new mojo to telecom world

by Ted Carter Published: December 19,2013

Tags: Business, C Spire, column, Mississippi, Ridgeland

I imagine a Washington, D.C., newsroom back in May 1844. The city editor gets a tip that a guy named Morse was about to use something called “electricity” to send a letter to Baltimore. One lucky reporter gets grabbed as he passes the city desk on returning from lunch. Get over to Samuel Morse’s place […] [...]

WILLOUGHBY: Authentic leader — Cossitt stresses need to ‘be yourself’

by Martin Willoughby Published: December 13,2013

Tags: Business, column, finance, law, Mississippi

My friend and mentor Dr. Carl Hicks likes to say, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” He shares this to encourage his coaching clients to live authentic lives – not to chase someone else’s dream. As I have studied the lives of great leaders, I have found that they express their leadership in their […] [...]

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