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WISEMAN: The demise of the Republican party? No way

by Published: October 18,2013

Tags: Business, COLUMNS, Mississippi, Politics

Although the latest poll numbers indicate that the Republican attempt to wear the latest government shutdown like a badge of honor might not be working as planned, the obituaries for the Republican Party being recited by any number of left leaning pundits are as equally off the mark. If anything, the giddy predictions of a […] [...]

Mississippi ballot initiatives: Adjusting the hand of government

With comparatively few shots being fired in the statewide elections, many are turning to the three ballot initiatives to quench their thirst for electoral intrigue. All three of the proposed initiatives are historic in a number of ways. If there is a common denominator with which to assess the impact of these measures it would […] [...]

Dealing with all of life’s perils

by Published: November 6,2011

Tags: COLUMNS, Ike Trotter, risks

My work is basically about helping people manage risk. That being primarily the hazards of life we all experience on a day to day basis. And it’s a risky business because life itself can be risky. Whether walking across the highway, being diagnosed with a catastrophic medical expenses or having an unexpected loss of income […] [...]

Griffin aggressive, focused

Entrepreneur passionate about his growing business I have observed that successful entrepreneurs and leaders have a keen sense of who they are and where they are going. They have clarity in their lives that allows them to lead others on a focused path. As a young adult, I remember the sense of uncertainty I had […] [...]

Coast better off for McKenzie’s vision

One of the challenges leaders face is how to keep their finger on the pulse of the organization. I have found that entrepreneurs typically hit a point in their growth curve where they are no longer “hands on” with all of the projects, and they have to learn to delegate effectively. This can lead to […] [...]

Smith uses technology for his supply chain

Some people call it fate or luck. Others may consider it God’s providence. Regardless, it is interesting to me to see how our lives and careers are often shaped by unforeseen twists and turns. Ed Smith, chief supply chain and contracts management officer for the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC), has been actively involved […] [...]

Failure was not an option for Harvey

by Published: January 9,2011

Tags: COLUMNS, Craig Harvey, NVision, Tim Brogdon, Tom Koger

In a meeting several years ago in the office of the Chancellor at the University of Mississippi, five start-up business owners met with a representative from a national entrepreneurship foundation. In the conversation, the representative shared the familiar statistics about start-up failures with the group. One of the business owners strongly disagreed with the proposition […] [...]

Sen. Wicker and the Tenth Amendment

by Published: December 19,2010

Tags: COLUMNS, Dr. William Martin Wiseman

There is yet another thing for which we must give the Tea Party movement credit. It has played a role in making Constitutional scholars out of everyday working folk. Recently I have come across everyone from the auto mechanic to the curb store clerk who have in a heightened state of agitation and in a […] [...]

Jeff’s plan extends to all at MTA

The Mississippi Technology Alliance recently held its third-annual Innovators Hall of Fame Awards Gala and eleventh-annual Conference on High Technology. At the Gala, Dr. Robert C. Khayat, chancellor emeritus of The University of Mississippi was awarded the 2010 Legends Award, and Dr. John Bower, Will Primos and Dr. Bill Rayburn were inducted to the Hall […] [...]

From bumper stickers to reality

by Published: November 21,2010

Tags: COLUMNS, Dr. William Martin Wiseman

The time for spirited campaign rhetoric and stinging one-liners is over.  The image makers have done their jobs, and with the Republican electoral hurricane as proof the Tea Party can rightfully claim to have made good on its threats to come to Washington in hopes of “taking back the government.”  However, it has been an […] [...]

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