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MSU professor removes corn’s fiber

A Mississippi State University professor has found a unique way to remove fiber from corn and has filed for a patent for the process called Elusieve. Dr. Radhakrishnan Srinivasan of the MSU Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering invented Elusieve with Dr. Vijay Singh of the University of Illinois. The process is valuable for efficiency […] [...]

Corn crop suffering in hot, dry weather

by Published: July 19,2011

Tags: agriculture, commodities, corn, drought, severe weather, Weather

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi farmers planted another large corn crop, but this year’s corn is suffering from lack of rain. This season’s plantings are spread over a wide time window because of frequent rainfall North Mississippi. The majority of the crop in the Delta and South Mississippi was planted during late March, but plantings in […] [...]

Subsidies for ethanol fuel a hot debate

by Published: June 12,2011

Tags: agriculture, corn, energy, Ethanol, farmers, fuel

Subsidies and other incentives to use ethanol made from corn are coming under increased scrutiny both because of the costs during a time when many vital government programs are being cut to reduce deficit spending, and because the subsidies tend to pit one ag interest against another. Sen. Thad Cochran told the Mississippi Business Journal […] [...]

Corn farmers call Fish and Wildlife guidelines ‘unreasonable’

by Published: May 13,2011

Tags: agriculture, corn, energy, environment, wildlife

WILCOX, Neb. — Gale Lush, chairman of the American Corn Growers Foundation (ACGF), has filed official comments with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on proposed Land-Based Wind Energy Guidelines and Eagle Guidance. Lush sad the “guidelines are extremely onerous, unreasonable, unworkable and unnecessary. The guidelines cannot be scientifically justified. They amount to burdensome over-regulation […] [...]

EPA issues emergency exemption to corn growers

by Published: March 16,2010

Tags: agriculture, corn, environment, EPA

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi Agriculture Commissioner Lester Spell announced approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of an emergency exemption that will provide protection to corn producers throughout the state from blackbird predation of newly planted corn. Mississippi corn growers throughout the state have suffered million dollar losses in recent years due to heavy […] [...]

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