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More road blocks equal more pain

by Published: December 19,2010

Tags: editorial

Mississippi’s federal lawmakers who see obstruction as the path to economic prosperity might as well be down in a Biloxi casino playing the longest odds the house has to offer. The oddity is that they think this is the ticket they’ve been handed. Where and how did the tables get turned? Used to be we […] [...]

Bringing broadband to rural Mississippi is gaining steam

by Published: December 12,2010

Tags: editorial, Phil Hardwick

If they gave a national Internet user party and invited only 10 people per state who were a representative sample of each state, only six people from Mississippi could attend. That is because Mississippi has a 59.3 percent Internet penetration rate, the lowest in the United States. It also has the lowest broadband, or high-speed, […] [...]

Arena in right place

Ben Allen ventured onto friendly turf a few Tuesdays ago to try to re-energize a campaign for a multi-use arena in downtown Jackson. Supporters made up most of the crowd of 200 or so people who turned out for the “Arena Extravaganza” sponsored by the organization Allen heads, Downtown Jackson Partners, and the Jackson Chamber […] [...]

State should ban stamps for sodas

by Published: November 14,2010

Tags: editorial

Last month, the City of New York and New York state asked the federal government for permission to bar food stamp recipients from buying sodas with program dollars for two years. Should Mississippi, the fattest state in the Union, follow suit? The decision in New York was inspired by research showing that obesity-related illnesses cost […] [...]

Catfish farmers need more help

by Published: October 10,2010

Tags: catfish farmers, editorial

U.S. catfish farmers are begging for relief to enforce a law approved by Congress more than two years ago. What gives? Why are our farmers having to get on their knees to ask for enforcement of USDA inspections and regulation of  all catfish sold in America? Recently, aquaculture experts from around the country highlighted food […] [...]

Payday loans won’t go away

by Published: October 3,2010

Tags: editorial, payday loans

Ridgeland may have struck a blow against the predatory payday lending business, but be sure the practice will not go away quietly, in Mississippi or anywhere else. The City of Ridgeland’s stricter requirements for new payday lenders, pawnshops and other businesses went into effect last week. The restrictions, among other things, prevents such businesses from […] [...]

Holding their feet to the fire

by Published: September 26,2010

Tags: editorial

After reflecting more about the story reported by our Amy McCullough a couple of weeks ago on the plight of Mississippi Valley State, we really shouldn’t be satisfied with what we know. Look back as far as 30 years ago, and Mississippi has been dealing with budget cuts and deficits at our institutions of higher […] [...]

Economic development?

by Published: May 16,2010

Tags: editorial, Mississippi Business Journal

In one of the poorest states in the Union, Mississippians are constantly talking about economic development. We clearly need all the help we can get. Nationally, with the last couple years of stimulus money, the government has made many — sometimes disputed — claims that it has “created” jobs. Currently in Mississippi, the biggest proposed […] [...]

Agriculture is a real business, needs real help

by Published: February 21,2010

Tags: agriculture, editorial, mississippi farmers

Agriculture in Mississippi is an almost after thought these days in Washington. Despite the fact that Mississippi farmers lost nearly $500 million last year because of torrential rains and floods, policy makers in Washington do not feel the need to provide aid. In an exclusive story in today’s Mississippi Business Journal, the agriculture relief backers […] [...]

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