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Stocks slide after jobs, inflation reports

by Published: October 14,2010

Tags: economy, Federal Reserve, finance, stock market

NEW YORK – Stocks dipped Thursday after concerns about another disappointing report on jobs. But losses were held in check by expectations the Federal Reserve will act soon to strengthen the economy. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 32 points in midday trading. In recent months, a disappointing jobs report would have likely led to […] [...]

Treasury yields sink to new lows; Eyes on the Fed

by Published: October 7,2010

Tags: Federal Reserve, Treasury

NEW YORK (AP) – Any doubt that the Federal Reserve will launch a new effort to stimulate the economy seemed to evaporate Wednesday as Treasury rates plummeted to record lows. The Fed has kept short-term interest rates near zero since 2008. In recent weeks, traders have started speculating that the central bank would take aim […] [...]

Stocks mixed, Treasury yields drop after jobs data

by Published: October 6,2010

Tags: Add new tag, Federal Reserve, stock market

NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks are trading in a tight range after a disappointing report on the jobs market is renewing concern about the health of the economy. But traders also see the report as adding to the likelihood the Federal Reserve will take action to further stimulate the economy. Such a move by the […] [...]

Fed wrestling with fixes for economy

by Published: September 21,2010

Tags: economy, Federal Reserve, monetary policy

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve policymakers are wrestling with what additional steps — if any — should be taken to strengthen the plodding economy and drive down near double-digit unemployment. Lots of lively debate is expected at today’s meeting. But few expect any major programs to be unveiled. Instead, many will be looking to see if […] [...]

Federal Reserve walking policy tightrope

by Published: August 10,2010

Tags: economy, Federal Reserve, fiscal policy, interest rates

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve policymakers are pondering ways to jump-start the economic recovery. The trick: making sure whatever they do or say doesn’t rattle Wall Street. U.S. stocks closed higher yesterday as investors anticipated reassuring words or action today by the chairman of the country’s central bank, Ben Bernanke and his colleagues on the Federal […] [...]

‘Beige Book’ reports economic improvement

by Published: March 5,2010

Tags: Federal Reserve, recession

WASHINGTON — Highlights from the Federal Reserve’s survey of economic conditions nationwide. The survey, released Wednesday and known as the Beige Book, is based on information collected from the Fed’s 12 regional bank districts. ST. LOUIS (This region covers Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky, and parts of Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Mississippi.) Economic conditions were mixed, […] [...]

Bernanke: Record-low interest rates a must

by Published: February 24,2010

Tags: banking and finance, Federal Reserve

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress today that record-low interest rates are still needed to ensure that the economic recovery will last and to help ease the sting of high unemployment. In his twice-a-year report to the House Financial Services Committee, Bernanke struck a confident tone that the recovery should endure. But […] [...]

Bullard calls for stronger Fed

by Published: February 19,2010

Tags: economy, Federal Reserve, inflation

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — In remarks Feb. 18 to the Economic Club of Memphis, St. Louis Fed president James Bullard discussed the historical context and deliberate design of the Federal Reserve System. He called for regulatory reform that strengthens – not weakens – the Fed’s ability to head off future financial crises. Bullard also addressed […] [...]

Fed sees continued high unemployment

by Published: February 18,2010

Tags: employment, Federal Reserve, jobs, recession

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve predicts unemployment will stay high over the next two years because recession-scarred Americans are likely to stay cautious making for only a moderate-paced economic recovery. Fed policymakers say it will take “some time” for the economy and the jobs market to get back to normal. And, a minority think it […] [...]

Bernanke appointed to another term

by Published: January 29,2010

Tags: Federal Reserve, U.S. Senate

WASHINGTON — The Senate has confirmed Ben Bernanke for a second term as chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve. The Senate voted 70-30 on yesterday to reappoint Bernanke amid criticism of his judgment ahead of the US financial crisis and his support for massive Wall Street bailouts. His supporters credited him for engineering a financial […] [...]

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